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Accident Claims: links to free legal information sites on all manner of personal injury compensation claims in the UK and overseas

Accident claims: this page will provide you with links to external information sites that will help you understand what you should do if you have suffered a personal injury at home or abroad and you are considering making a claim for compensation.

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List of pages prviding external links to free information websites

The types of accident are listed below alphabetically - simply click on a link and you will be taken to a page explaining the external sites that can help you.

Accidents At Work (5)

Child Accident Claims (1)

Fatal Accident Claims (2)

Industrial Injury Claims (2)

Medical Negligence Claims (1)

Personal Injury Claims (2)

Product Liability Claims (2)

Road Accident Claims (4)

Slip Trip Fall Accidents (2)

Sport Injury Compensation (1)

Travel Accidents (8)

Summary of accident claims external links page

On this page you have found pages that provide links to external sites that can help you understand the law surrounding claiming compensation for all tyoe of accident claims at home and abroad.

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