Dog Bite Compensation: How much UK compensation you can claim for a dog bite injury

Dog bite compensation: Find out in a solicitor question and answer session how much compensation you can claim for a dog bite injury to your hand; the amounts of compensation you can receive for injury to other body parts with access to free online legal help with your animal accident compensation claim.

Dog bite compensation question

I was walking in the footpath when I was attacked and bitten by a dog which had escaped from an open front door.

dog bite compensation

Dog Bite Compensation

My finger was operated on for 3 hours, it was held together with k wires which were taken out after six weeks. I then underwent 2 months of intensive physiotherapy.

It has now been discovered that my finger is still broken and I will need further surgery and possibly a bone graft. It is thought unlikely that my right ring finger will bend and I am right handed.

Legal liability is accepted by the dog owner so what is the approximate level of dog bite compensation I can claim for my finger injury?

Animal injury compensation solicitor response

For the pain and suffering and injury to your right ring finger you are likely to receive up to £14,000.

The exact amount will depend on an independent medical report from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon describing the exact nature of your injuries and likely future prognosis (duration of future symptoms and recovery).

In addition you will be entitled to claim compensation for any expenses, financial losses and lost income you may have suffered directly as a result of your accident.

Please be aware the amount of compensation might vary depending on the severity and location of any scarring and possible psychological injury.

How do you ensure you receive the correct amount of compensation

To ensure you receive the correct sum of compensation – you would need to make your claim with a specialist animal injury solicitor. In addition to recovering your compensation the solicitor will also be able to claim any legal costs from the person responsible for your injury.

How much dog bite compensation can you receive for injury to other body parts?

The amount of compensation you can receive for injury to other body parts depends primarily on on the part of the body and the severity of the injury – in UK law it does not matter what type of accident caused the injury.

Click compensation amounts to see the page i have written explaining how much compensation you can received for different types of injury to all major body parts.

Free online legal help

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