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Armed Forces Claim: Solicitor guide to making a claim for injury caused by the UK army, navy and air force

Armed forces claim: on this page you will find an index to all the articles I have written describing how to claim compensation for employer error if your are in active military service for the UK army, navy of air force; how to have an armed forces claim if you are no longer in service, how civilians can claim compensation for injuries caused in accidents involving the military and how to receive solicitor assistance online free of charge.

Armed forces claim

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Armed forces claim article index

Below you will find a list of the armed forces claim articles I have written in alphabetical order with a brief summary under each - simply click on the article you find of interest and you will be taken to a detailed page I have written.

Military Negligence Claims

Find out the most common types of UK military negligence claims, how to show fault by the armed forces and the amounts of compensation you can recover for different injuries suffered in an armed forces claim.

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