Rehabilitation Of Spinal And Head Injuries

How To Claim The Cost Of Rehabilitation Of Spinal And Head Injuries Following An Accident

When you have suffered a serious accident such as a motorbike accident – in addition to claiming compensation for your personal injuries from the persona at fault you are also entitled to claim financial expenses which directly flow from the accident.

An expense often overlooked by lawyers is the cost of rehabilitation – spinal and head injuries are some of the worst types of injuries causing long term affects often resulting in the need for your home to be modified and you to be provided with lifetime care. The only way to establish what the rehabilitation cost should be is to instruct a rehabilitation expert – the cost of a report from such an expert can itself run into thousands of pounds.

All of these expenses including the cost of the report are legitimate sums you can claim, so if you have suffered serious injuries in an accident you should ensure that your solicitor has considered the costs of rehabilitation. I have known such claims to run into millions of pounds.

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