Activity Holiday Abseiling Accident Compensation Claim

How To Claim Compensation For Injuries Caused By Abseiling During Activity Holiday

Find out in a question and answer session how to claim compensation for a child injured whilst abseiling during an organised school activity holiday.

Activity holiday accident victim question

My son is aged 11 years was taking part abseiling during a school activity holiday when one of the instructors through a rope down which struck my son in the face causing by a rope causing a broken nose. Can I claim compensation?

Holiday accident solicitor response

As a parent you can act as a litigation friend – providing instructions on behalf of your son – but it will be your son’s claim. Click child injury claim to see the page I have written explaining the unique procedure for claiming compensation for children.

As to the strength of your child’s claim – I believe the chances of success are good, both against the activity holiday organisers and possibly even against the school.

The instructor should be supervising the children properly and it seems is directly responsible for throwing the rope which injured your child.