Asbestos Report Survey: Compensation Claims For Builders Roofers Miners

What asbestos report survey should an employer carry out if asbestos is present at a place of work?

There are three asbestos report surveys which an employer can carry out if asbestos is present at a workplace, including:

asbestos report survey

Asbestos report Survey

1. Type 1 asbestos report survey

A type one asbestos report survey does not disturb any asbestos and is a walk around survey of the premises.

2. Type 2 asbestos report survey

A type two asbestos survey is a more detailed version of a type 1 survey – it includes an inspection of ducts and other areas which contain empty space were asbestos might be visible.

3. Type 3 asbestos survey

A type three asbestos survey is a far more detailed survey in which a property is fully inspected and samples taken. This will ordinarily be done if there is a risk of the release of asbestos dust such as when a building is to be refurbished or demolition works are pending.

Exposure to asbestos is extremely dangerous – when inhaled asbestos fibres can cause very serious disease such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Workers who might be exposed to asbestos include builders, construction workers, roofers, miners and factory workers.

If you are diagnosed with such a condition it is likely you will be able to make an industrial disease claim for compensation.