Bereavement Loss Compensation: Claim By Partner Wife Husband Fatal Work Accident

UK serious injury solicitor sets out when bereavement loss can be claimed following a fatal accident at work involving a family member

Relative of fatal accident victim question

My father was killed at work in 2011 – my mother was dependant on his income and together with my sister he had two adult children. I have two years left of university and I was dependant on my father to pay for the university tuition fees and to support me certainly until my course was concluded. My sister is working and has two children and was not dependant on my father.

Which of us can claim bereavement loss and are there any other claims such as dependency we are entitled to?

Fatal accident solicitor response

As your mother was a married partner of your father she is entitled to claim bereavement loss which is in the region of £12000. In addition funeral expenses for your father can be claimed.

Also as your father was killed at work if this happened as a result of gross negligence from his employer it is possible that punitive damages could be awarded which are enhanced damages to punish your workplace for negligence resulting in a fatality.

As you and your sister are adults you would not be entitled to a bereavement loss claim.

Both you and your mother were dependant on your father and as such you would be entitled to a dependency claim, which is a sum of money to compensate for the fact that your father is no longer around to earn an income which supported both you and your mother.

The exact workings of how much compensation you can claim is complicated and you will certainly need the assistance of a specialist fatal accident / serious injury solicitor.

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