Broken Ankle Falling Off Ladder At Work: How To Claim UK Compensation

How to claim compensation if you have suffered a broken ankle or other injury at work due to a fall from a ladder

Employment protection for workers on ladders

Very strict employment regulations exist to protect employees when working height, such as on ladders.

An employee that is working on a ladder should have a correctly functioning ladder, which is secured by being tied off or by being correctly footed by another employee.

Typical injuries you might suffer from a fall at work

Falls from heights on to a hard surface can cause multiple injuries, broken bones to ankles, legs and the upper body. In many cases death can be caused when I worker falls from a height and lands in a bad position especially if an employee bangs his head.

Regretfully many workers who have suffered injury from a fall from a ladder will have long term effects and may never be able to do ladder work again.

What to do if you have been injured from a fall from a ladder at work

If you have suffered an injury from a fall from a ladder at work it is very likely you will be able to claim compensation from your employer so you should contact a specialist work accident solicitor to assess your claim.

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