Car Accident Claim Corfu: Greece RTA Compensation Using UK Solicitor

UK solicitor explains how you can claim compensation for a car accident from the UK if you have an accident in Corfu, Greece or any other EU country

Corfu car accident victim question

I am British and was on holiday in Corfu in Greece with my wife and two children. I have an international driving licence and decided to hire a car for the day to see Corfu island more fully,

I was stopped at a set of traffic lights when suddenly the car was thrown forward. We had been hit by another driver. My wife was a front seat passenger and my two children were in the back of the car.

I am uncertain as to who called the police, but they very quickly attended at the scene and the driver of the other vehicle admitted the accident was his fault as he was using his mobile at the time the collision occurred.

My family and I were taken to hospital and we were diagnosed with a variety of injuries, including whiplash and back pains.

We have know returned back to the UK, have all of the police details and wonder how we can go about making a claim for compensation.

European RTA solicitor response

Greece is part of the European Union and as such European law which is incorporated into British law allows your claim to be made from the UK. You have all the important details including those of the police and hospital, which are extremely important when a RTA abroad occurs.

There are very few solicitors in the UK who have the expertise to deal with car accidents abroad. Should you wish to claim compensation for whiplash, back injuries and all of your financial losses with a specialist solicitor click car accident solicitor Corfu, Greece – you can commence a claim online or arrange for me to call you back to discuss.

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  1. Ann Brown says:

    We had an accident in Samos Greece, when a car driver, double parked opened his car door as wee were passing and we collided with his door. My husband received ca crush injury to his arm, an upper thigh injury and other minor scrapes & bruises. I had a huge laceration to my right knee, injured left ankle, upper thigh injury and other scrapes and bruises and was detained in hospital for 3 days and have permanent scarring, numbness, cannot kneel and still have problems with stairs.
    We are living on our boat in Samos Marina at the moment.
    We have a number for the Port Police, who are dealing with the prosection of this man and I can forward details of the hospital and the Doctor who followed up.
    Can you please help us put a claim in for compensation, we had only been here two weeks when the accident occurred and it has delayed and spoilt the start of our life over here?

  2. When you are a British resident and you are involved in a RTA in Europe – it is essential you report the matter to the police. As you have done this – it is likely that you will be able to initiate a claim in the UK for your car accident in Greece..
    I will therefore contact you as requested to discuss further.

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