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T Bone Car Accident Claim: Whiplash Fractures Brain Damage PTSD Scarring

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

How to claim compensation for a serious car accident involving a T-bone collision at speed and how to determine the amount of compensation for brain damage, broken arm, fractured leg, back injuries, whiplash neck pain, shoulder injury, ligament damage, post-traumatic stress, broken finger and scarring

T-boned car accident victim question

I was travelling along a main road in Cardiff having driven from Bristol. I was T boned at speed by a car which ploughed into me when failing to observe the give way sign from a side road.

The other driver was very old and ploughed straight into my passenger side at around 30 mph. I saw the car approaching, and realised a collision would take place seconds before it happened. There was nothing I could do to stop the impact as it happened at such speed.

I thought my car was on fire and I thought my wife, who was a front seat passenger, was dead. Thankfully she was only knocked unconscious. The police attended at the scene and an air ambulance took my wife and I to hospital.

The other driver was also badly injured.

My wife suffered brain damage from head injuries and has an injured neck and lower spine. She also has a broken left arm (her radius bone) and a fractured left leg (her tibia).

I suffered severe whiplash, middle (thoracic) pain and severe shoulder pain requiring cortisone injections in my left shoulder. A scan has shown ligament tears requiring surgery. I have a large gash on my right thigh, which I am told will leave a scar and a broken index finger in my right hand.

I suffer severe anxiety and stress if I am a passenger or driver. I have flash backs and my friends and family have commented that I seem a lot more withdrawn since the car accident.

Can my wife and I claim compensation and how can we determine how much our injuries are worth?

Car accident solicitor response

A road traffic accident involving a car being T – boned at speed can lead to serious injuries as you have described.

From your description – it seems clear that the other driver was at fault for the accident so the issue of liability should not be a problem. The crash damage, witness evidence and location report gathered by the police in the police report can be obtained by a RTA solicitor to prove liability should a dispute arise.

The issue of how much your claims are worth depends on a number of medical reports. You wife will need a report from a neurosurgeon, orthopaedic consultant to set out her head, back and fracture injuries. In addition there is likely to be a psychological reaction to these injures so a clinical psychologist report should be necessary.

You will need a report from an orthopaedic surgeon to describe your whiplash, back pain, shoulder pain and fractured index finer; a clinical psychologist report to describe what sounds like post traumatic stress disorder and possibly a plastic surgeon to describe the scarring from your gash.

Only on receipt of these expert reports can your claim be properly assessed for pain and suffering from the injuries. In addition accountancy evidence might be necessary to show all the financial losses, including lost income, both you and your wife will have incurred.

Serious car accidents such as T-bone accidents require the expertise of a specialist car accident solicitor familiar with large value serious road traffic accident claims. To speak to me about claiming compensation for your injuries or to commence a claim online click T-bone car accident claim.

Car Door Opens Causing Whiplash & Vehicle Damage: Claim Despite Denial Of Responsibility

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

How to claim compensation for whiplash & vehicle damage if a driver opens a car door into the path of an oncoming vehicle and the driver then attempts to deny responsibility for the accident

Road Traffic accident victim question

I was driving down a narrow road in Ashton in Preston with my wife as a front seat passenger. The speed limit was approximately 30 mph but as there were cars parked either side I was driving cautiously at approximately 10mph.

All of a sudden one of the parked cars driver’s door opened such that there was no time to react. The door collided with my car collided at the near side wing with the door and my wife was jolted forward banging her head on the dashboard.

I jumped out of the car and spoke to the chap who had opened the door. He immediately started to say that it was not his fault.

We were however opposite some small shops where people were entering and exiting, so I went over and asked if anyone had seen what had happened. A couple of witnesses came forward who could verify that the chap opened the door without looking and giving me no time to react.

I took the registration number and details of the driver together with the names and addresses of the witnesses.

My front wing was badly crushed and scraped and as we drove away my wife started to complain of a pain in her neck. I drove to a local garage and caught a taxi with my wife to hospital where x-rays were taken and she was diagnosed with minor whiplash.

Can I claim compensation for my vehicle damage and can my wife claim compensation for her whiplash?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

The circumstances surrounding collisions involving cars opening doors can often be difficult to prove. You have however obtained independent witness evidence and I therefore believe you will be able to establish that the driver who opened the car door as your vehicle was passing is responsible.

You were clearly travelling well within the speed limit and there was nothing further that you could do to avoid a collision.

You can either claim on your own insurance for your vehicle damage and request that your insurer recoup the monies back from the other driver or alternatively a claim can be made direct against the driver and /or his motor insurance company.

Your wife would also be entitled to a claim for her injuries including her whiplash. You mentioned that she banged her head so the issue of whether she was suffering any concussion symptoms or has any bruising etc. would be also be examined.

Access to the hospital notes for verification of your wife’s injuries can be obtained by a RTA solicitor to prove that the accident caused your wife’s injuries.

If you would like to use a specialist road traffic accident solicitor to claim for vehicle damage and whiplash click car whiplash claim lawyer.

RTA Burnley: Whiplash Rotator Cuff Fractured Elbow Compensation Amount

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

UK solicitor explains when you are entitled to claim compensation for personal injury in a road traffic accident and how to calculate the amount of compensation you can recover for whiplash, shoulder rotator cuff injuries and a fractured elbow using a RTA in Burnley, Lancashire as an example

Road accident victim question

I was driving my car through Burnley in Lancashire on the way to the M6 to Preston when my car was hit on the passenger side with a lot of force.

A car had attempted to pull out from a side road and had been distracted by using his mobile phone. At the scene the other driver accepted full responsibility.

My car was badly damaged and I felt pain in my neck, shoulder and elbow. The Burnley police and ambulance services arrived at the scene. I was taken to hospital and I was diagnosed with severe whiplash to my neck, a torn rotator cuff and a fractured elbow.

Ever since the accident I have had neck pain and shoulder pain for which I had arthroscopic surgery. Elbow has had several cortisone injections. I always have this neck ache, especially when sitting at the computer or driving home from work.

Can I claim compensation and how much will my claim be worth for neck, shoulder and elbow injuries?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

It is clear from the description you have given that the road traffic accident was the other driver’s fault for not paying proper attention and not giving way to traffic with the right of way. The driver accepted this at the scene and the police report will provide details including statements from both drivers and independent witnesses.

The driver and in turn his motor insurer will be responsible for paying compensation for your injuries and your financial losses; including lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses to the hospital & GP, etc.

The calculation of the amount of compensation you can claim for your injuries, including: severe whiplash, torn rotator cuff and fractured elbow – will depend on a medical report from an orthopaedic expert properly instructed by a solicitor.

The orthopaedic expert will review your medical notes and x-rays from the hospital and your GP. He will examine you and with a duty to the court and on the balance of probabilities he will set out the exact nature of all of your injuries and give an opinion as to what treatment might be necessary for any ongoing problems. He will provide a prognosis setting out an estimate of how long any symptoms could last into the future and the likelihood of any problems being permanent.

Based on this medical report a specialist RTA solicitor will be able to provide you with an estimate of how much you can claim for your neck, shoulder and elbow injuries.

If you would like to discuss making a road traffic accident claim for whiplash, shoulder cuff injuries and an elbow fracture with me in person or  start your claim with a specialist solicitor click Burnley car accident claim