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Essential information for anyone thinking about making an accident claim for compensation in the UK if you have suffered injury as a result of  negligence on the roads, at work, whilst being treated at hospital, in public places,, at school, as a result of a crime of violence.

Solicitor and leading accident claim expert, Kevin Bolton, explains in jargon-free language what you need to do to make an effective claim.

You will discover:

1.The UK claims process.

2.How much compensation you can claim for various different types of injury.

3. How to claim in the UK for injuries abroad, such as during a package holiday or as a result of a European road traffic accident.

4. Have any questions you might wish to ask answered online free of charge.

5. Arrange a free call back from Kevin Bolton in person to discuss your accident prior to commencing a claim.

6. Find helpful tips based on many years of legal experience.

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