Hernia Injury At Work: Can You Claim?

How To Claim Compensation For A Hernia Injury At Work

Hernia injuries come in many different forms – the most common are due to a hole or weakness in the abdomen muscle.

If you are required to handle heavy objects at work your hernia injury could have been caused in full or due in part to the work practice – so you might have a claim for compensation from your employer.

Hernia’s can occur sometimes due to a hereditary weakness. To win a claim for compensation your solicitor would need to show your employer was negligent and that negligence caused your injury. Your solicitor will be able to evaluate whether your employer was negligent, but a medical expert must evaluate whether your hernia injury was caused by that negligence.

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  1. Work injury says:

    Last month I got an injury in my abdomen when I was lifting heavy metal box. According to doctor I have got Hernia injury. I had told the employers about injury compensation but they are neglecting to give any compensation. Can you telll me what I have to do now?

  2. The only way for your to recover compensation is to contact a specialist work injury solicitor. This solicitor will look at the particullar circumstances of your hernia and if there is a good chance of success will send a letter of claim to your employer to commence your claim for compensation.
    On receipt of the letter of claim letter of claim – your employer must notify its liability insurance so investigations can commence and you can recover the compensation you are entitled to.

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