Hit By Falling Masonry At Work: Claim Compensation Head Neck Injuries

UK solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you suffer injury from falling objects from work platforms, ladders and other structures

Work accident victim question

I was working installing windows on a property my employer was renovating. I was working on a ground floor window and a colleague was working above me on a platform mounted on scaffolding.

Suddenly I recollect coming around lying on the floor with paramedics surrounding me. I was taken to hospital and diagnosed with head and neck injuries. Thankfully – I was wearing a protective helmet or I could have been killed.

My colleague came to visit me at hospital and explained that the platform had wobbled and a large piece of masonry – made up of several bricks cemented together had fallen through a gap and hit me on the head.

My colleague did not do this on purpose and I was wondering whether I could make a claim from my employer as it is likely I will be unable to work for a number of weeks and it make take several months for my head and neck injuries to recover.

Work injury solicitor response

It seems to me from your description that your employer would be held liable for your accident. An employer is responsible for any negligent acts by any of its workers and has specific regulation relating to the safety of workers when working at heights set out by the Work At Height Regulations 2005.

The Regulations require a platform to be erected so that it cannot move, there should not be gaps in the platform which could allow objects to fall through and cause injury and any loose objects on a platform should be properly secured.

You were properly wearing protection for your head and you still suffered head and neck injuries so your employer and not your colleague should be held liable to pay you compensation for your injuries and financial losses, including lost income.

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