Milk Burn From Defective Baby Bottle: How Much Compensation?

How much compensation you can claim from a burn caused by milk from a defective milk bottle

I was at home and filled a baby bottle with milk which leaked from the bottom of bottle. I issued a claim at court and have received judgment in default as the Defendant did not reply to my claim.

The Defendant have now asked for a for a stay of one month to negotiate.

How much compensation is my claim worth?

Accident Solicitor Response

The amount of compensation your claim is worth depends on several factors, including: the severity of your initial burn, the ongoing visibility and size of any scar, whether it is
sensitive to touch, whether it is raised or indented, whether it changes colour in the
cold or the sun and how conscious you are of it.

In addition to compensation for your injury – compensation for financial losses should
also be available, such as the cost of pain killers, travel expense to hospital / GP and
any revisional surgery.

A plastic surgeon medical report and photos of your scarring will help establish how much
your claim is worth and so long it is over £1000 you are best having a specialist personal injury solicitor act on your behalf as the legal cost of such a lawyer can be claimed in addition to your

Be mindful that even though you have judgment in default – the Defendant can apply to
have judgment set aside on a number of grounds.

Please let me know some more details about your scar so I can establish how much your
potential claim is likely to be worth.

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