MRSA Hospital Claim: Scarring From Infection Following A Sterilisation Operation

Clinical negligence solicitor explains how to claim compensation from a hospital NHS trust is you develop MRSA during your stay at hospital

MRSA hospital scarring victim question

I went into hospital for a sterilisation operation a few months ago and I developed MRSA a day after the operation. This has led to extensive unsightly scarring of my groin, abdomen and stomach region.

Can I claim compensation from the hospital for the scarring caused by the MRSA?

Hospital negligence solicitor response

As you contracted MRSA on the hospital premises it is extremely likely a claim for hospital clinical negligence can be made. This claim would typically be made against the hospital NHS Trust.

Before a solicitor commences a claim a you should make a written complaint via the patient complaints procedure for the particular NHS Trust. To find this procedure – you should contact the hospital who will provide a contact name and address to write to.

I believe there is little excuse a hospital can give for you contracting MRSA – so you should be entitled to a MRSA compensation claim for your scarring and also enduring the MRSA infection.

The amount of compensation you can claim will be determined largely from an expert medical report from a plastic surgeon describing the extent of the scarring you have suffered.

If you would like to commence a MRSA clinical negligence claim online or speak to me in person about your potential clinical negligence claim click MRSA hospital claim.

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