Police Ambulance Fire Brigade Liability For Car Crash At Red Lights UK

When can a motorist, other road users and pedestrians claim compensation for personal injury caused by a collision with an emergency vehicle at a set of lights?

UK solicitor explains when a car driver, motorbike , pedal cyclist or pedestrian can claim compensation for a crash at a set of traffic lights with an emergency vehicle – including police, fire brigade and ambulance service.

The highway code requires all vehicles to stop at a red light or a red / amber light. But if an emergency vehicle for the fire brigade, the ambulance service or the police is acting in an emergency situation the vehicle can proceed through the set of lights.

Road users should look out for flashing emergency lights and the sounds of sirens and give way to emergency vehicles even a traffic light is showing green, but emergency vehicles must head other road users and take necessary precautions not endanger other road users and pedestrians.

If proper care is not taken by the police, fire or ambulance services members of the public can claim compensation in full or in part against the respective authorities.

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