RTA Solicitors: Why Pay Legal Costs To Claim Road Injury Compensation?

RTA Solcitors Should Not Have To Charge You Legal Fees To Claim Compensation Following A UK Road Traffic Accident

I know it might sound too good to be true – but if you use experienced RTA solicitors to make your UK compensation claim following a road traffic accident you should not have to pay any legal costs whether your claim is won or lost.

This is made possible by agreements known as no win no fee agreements. The lawyer agrees not to charge you legal fees if your claim is lost and can charge the driver at fault your legal costs and disbursements if your claim is won. Because your solicitor took a risk – the legal costs will include an enhancement or uplift, which is another way of saying a percentage increase in the total fees charges.

I say you need good RTA solicitors – as you need a lawyer who will fight your claim and not just settle at the lowest figure possible to get paid. You want the correct amount of compensation – so choose a specialist lawyer who is experienced in winning claims … large or small.

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