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Car Driver Injury Claims: When Is A Car Driver Entitled To Compensation In A RTA

Car driver injury claims: discover when car driver injury claims can be made, who is responsible for a road traffic accident, how motor insurance pays a driver's liability and how much compensation different types of injury are worth.

When can car driver injury claims be made?

If you were driving your car when a road traffic accident occurred and you suffered injury - you are entitled to claim compensation for your injury from the person who is considered "legally at fault" for causing the RTA.

Car driver injury claims

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As a car driver - you are in control of a motor vehicle yourself. It is therefore possible that your negligence could have caused the road accident - if this is the case you will not be entitled to claim compensation for your own injuries from the other vehicle driver or from your own motor insurer.

If you had comprehensive car insurance - you would however be able to claim the cost of repair to your own vehicle from your insurer, which would be subject to an excess and an adverse effect on your no claims discount.

Can driver injury claims be made against you?

"Yes", if you caused the RTA - passengers in your vehicle and the drivers and passengers in any other vehicle involved in the road accident would be entitled to claim compensation for injuries and vehicle damage from you (to be paid by your motor insurer).

Who pays car driver injury claims?

Responsibility for paying car driver injury claims rests with the person who caused the road traffic accident.

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In the UK - all persons in charge of a motor vehicle on a public road, must have vehicle insurance. This vehicle insurance will meet the liability of the policy holder to pay compensation for injuries and vehicle damage.

Even if a car driver was not insured - a body known as the Motor Insurers Bureau will meet the liability of the persona at fault as though it was the vehicle insurer. This is even the case if the vehicle driver left the accident scene and was untraced.

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How much compensation can your recover for car driver injury claims?

The amount of compensation you can claim for car driver injury claims depends primarily on the type and severity of the injury you have suffered.

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Summary of car driver injury claims

On this page you have seen when a vehicle driver is entitled to claim compensation for personal injuries, why injury compensation cannot be recovered by the driver at fault, how vehicle insurance meets the liability of a car driver and how much car driver injury claims are likely to be worth for different types of injuries suffered.

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