Hit And Run Accident: How to claim compensation from the Motor Insurer Bureau for injuries caused by uninsured and untraced drivers

Hit and run accident: Discover what a hit and run accident is, why car drivers in such accidents are often uninsured or cannot be found, how to claim compensation for your injuries from the MIB and how much compensation you can claim.

What is a hit and run accident?

A “Hit and run” accident is the term used in the UK to describe a type of road traffic accident in which the driver who causes the RTA leaves the accident scene without stopping or providing contact and insurance details.

hit and run accident

Hit And Run Accident

It is a criminal act in the UK to leave the scene of a road traffic accident without providing your details.

The most common types of “hit and run accident” involve car drivers who wish to make a quick exit unnoticed. For other slower moving vehicles, such as trucks and buses, this is not so easy.

What is the motivation behind a hit and run accident?

The majority of hit and run accidents are not caused intentionally – but a motorist who is uninsured or wishes to escape criminal prosecution for dangerous or careless driving will sometime seize the moment to make a fast get away.

Many motorists who leave the scene of an accident will be traced from witnesses who might have spotted the car registration number or from CCTV evidence.

If a driver is not found he is classed as an “untraced driver” and if a driver is found, but does not have motor insurance he is classed as an “uninsured driver”.

Who will pay compensation for your injury if an untraced or uninsured driver causes your RTA?

The Motor Insurer Bureau (MIB) will pay for road traffic accidents in the UK when a driver is untraced or unknown. Vehicle damage and other financial expenses will also be met by the Motor Insurance Bureau.

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How much compensation will you receive for injuries in a hit and run accident?

The amount of compensation you can claim will depend on which part of your body is injured, the severity of your injury and the long term effects of your injury.

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Hit And Run Accident Summary

On this page you have seen what a hit and run accident is, how to claim compensation for injury and vehicle damage in a RTA caused by an uninsured or untraced driver.

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