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Can I claim compensation on behalf of my child for an accidents on a playground claimbing frame and if so who should I claim against?

I took my 10 year old son and his friends to a local park which had a playground with a climbing frame and sign at the entrance saying not suitable for children under the age of 10 years. The children were using the climbing frame when my son slipped landing on the floor injuring his hand. I took him to hospital and he was diagnosed with a broken thumb on his left hand.

A: To decide if your son has a claim for compensation for his accident on a playground climbing frame depends upon several factors:

1. The suitability of the climbing frame for young children

The climbing frame should not be too high for children of 10 years of age and the surface under the climbing frame should be made of a substance which should be able to cushion the fall of a child.

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2. Who should the compensation claim for a climbing frame accident in a public playground be made against?

It is likely that the council will be responsible for a public park and so be responsible for the safety of playground equipment including the climbing frame.

Your claim for compensation should therefore be made against the council - if it is not in council control you will be quickly informed

3. Who should you contact to start your child's climbing frame accident claim?

For this type of accident claim I would recommend you use a specialist accident solicitor who is accredited by the Law Society.

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