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Q: Can I make a UK criminal injury compensation claim despite having a previous criminal conviction?

I was recently assaulted, but I have on my record an unrelated previous criminal conviction.  I do not know if having a previous conviction will stop me from being able to make a UK criminal injury compensation claim?

A:  Yes - you can claim criminal injury compensation in Great Britain if you yourself have a previous conviction, but:

1. Your criminal injury compensation award might be reduced

The Criminal Injury Compensation Authority - who pays your criminal injury claim - operates a points system.  Each previous conviction you have will allocate you a number of points.  The greater the number of convictions, the worse the nature of the crime and the more recent the conviction - the more points you will be allocated. 

Each point will reduce your compensation by a percentage - it is possible that if you have a recent serious criminal conviction resulting in imprisonment for over 30 months your compensation could be reduced by 100%.

Criminal Injury Claim
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2. Receive free online assistance to have your criminal injury compensation claim assessed

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