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Building Site Accident Claims: Lawyer sets out who can claim compensation for accidents on construction sites and how much compensation you should will receive

Building site accident claims: Find out how employees, self employed and contractors can make building site accident claims, when visitors and trespassers are entitled to claim, how to claim for overseas work accidents and how much compensation you can claim for all manner of injuries

What are building site accident claims?

"Building site accident claims" are also known as "construction accident claims".

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Who is classed as a worker for the purpose of building site accident claims?

Building site accident claims

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If you have suffered injury on a building site whilst at work - you should be able to claim compensation if you fall within one of the following class of individuals:

1. Employees

Employers owe very strict duties to employees - to keep you safe at all times during the course of employment and whilst you are on your employer's premises.

2. Contractors

So far as building site accident claims are concerned - contractors are treated very much like employees. So long as a company of individual has control of your working practice or work environment - the duty owed by that company is similar to that owed to an employee.

3. Self employed

The test for the self employed is the same as that for a contractor - as set out in no 2 above.

Is it only workers who can make building site accident claims?

"No" - although it is true to say that the majority of construction accident claims are made by workers - there are others who can be injured on construction sites who will be entitled to claim compensation, including:

1. Visitors to the construction site premises

Anyone with permission to enter onto a construction site should be protected from the dangers inherent on the site.

2. Certain classes of trespassers

An occupier of a construction site should ensure it is properly fenced off to prevent trespass and if the trespasser is a child - the company in charge of the site should be aware that children will be attracted to play on such sites so a gap in a fence could lead to a liability claim if injury occurs.

Can you claim compensation if you have a building site accident overseas

"Yes" - you can claim compensation if you have a building site accident overseas. If you are from the UK and your company has an office in the UK it might even be possible to claim compensation in the UK courts.

If your injury was suffered in the US - you would most likely wish to claim in the US as compensation amounts for injury are far higher than in the UK.

How much compensation are building site accident claims worth?

The amount of compensation building site accident claims are worth depends on the type of injury which you suffer.

Click compensation amounts for a list of all the types of injury you can suffer, with an estimate of the amount of compensation you can claim.

Can you have building site accident claims assessed online free of charge

"Yes" - my website offers free online legal help to accident victims.

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Summary of building site accident claims

On this page I have set out who can make building site accident claims, how to show legal responsibility and how much compensation you can claim.

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