Medical Negligence Compensation

medical negligence compensation

Medical Negligence Compensation: How to calculate the amount of UK clinical injury compensation you can claim Medical negligence compensation: discover the four main types of clinical injury compensation you can claim; how your accident solicitor calculates the amount you should receive for your injuries – examples are given of compensation payout amounts for some typical […]

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MRSA Claim

MRSA Claim: UK solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you have contracted MRSA in a hospital care home or other healthcare environment MRSA claim: Find out what MRSA is, the symptoms you are likely to experience if you have MRSA, the precautions which can be taken by hospitals to prevent the spread of MRSA, […]

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Medical Malpractice Claim

Medical Malpractice Claim: How to claim compensation if you suffer injury as a result of clinical negligence by the hospital, doctors, nurses, healthcare worker, GP or dentist Medical malpractice clam: Find out what medical negligence is; what action or inaction of a healthcare worker can lead to negligence; how to view the medical malpractice claim […]

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