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How do I choose the best personal injury solicitor to contact to make my compensation claim when I have suffered an accident in the UK?

A: To decide who is the best personal injury solicitor to choose to make your claim for compensation you should:

Choose the best personal injury solicitor

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1. Check with the Law Society as to whether a personal injury solicitor is accredited

In the UK the official body that monitors solicitors is known as the Law Society

The Law Society has an accreditation scheme for UK specialist personal injury solicitors who can prove themselves to be experts in personal injury or medical negligence. 

By choosing a Law Society accredited personal injury solicitor to make your claim you can be confident that your chances of success will be maximised as will the amount of compensation you receive.

Click personal injury lawyer to check if a solicitor is accredited specialist with the Law Society

2. Assistance from this site to choose a specialist UK personal injury solicitor to contact you free of charge

By clicking on the link below you can complete and send a confidential online form, which will allow me to choose the best UK specialist personal injury solicitor to contact you free of charge.

Click UK specialist personal injury solicitor to have an accident lawyer contact you free of charge to assess if you have a compensation claim