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Road accident solicitor Manchester: How do I choose the best road traffic accident solicitor in Manchester?

Road accident solicitor Manchester: I am 64 and self-employed and had a car accident in Manchester, England. I wish to consult a solicitor in Manchester - can you tell me how to go about choosing the correct solicitor?

A: Do not just choose any UK road accident solicitor to make your claim, I recommend:

Law Society accredited road accident solicitor

Road accident solicitor Manchester

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For the type of injury you have suffered I would recommend a specialist road traffic accident solicitor who is accredited by the Law Society and who practises in Manchester.

This solicitor will have the expertise to make a full claim on your behalf.

Your claim might be slightly more complex because you are self employed - your income into the future may be affected past the normal retirement age for employed individuals - so the correct expertise is essential.

Important website pages

My website has two pages that you will find invaluable:

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Expert assistance finding a specialist road accident solicitor Manchester

I provide free assistance in many ways, including finding a specialist UK road accident solicitor in your locality with the correct expertise to deal with your claim.

Using the link below you can select the free service you require and complete and send a confidential online form and speak to me in person or I will have a specialist road accident solicitor Manchester contact you to discuss your claim.

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