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Whiplash claims: does the legal process for claiming compensation vary in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

Whiplash claims: I live in England, but i am due to go on a driving holiday around the UK. I have heard that if I suffer a RTA in different parts of the UK the process to claim compensation differs.

A: The compensation process for making whiplash claims does vary in the countries that make up the United Kingdom - namely England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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The UK has three areas with a different legal jurisdiction for whiplash claims

Click whiplash scotland to learn about the three different legal jurisdictions in the UK for road accident claims.

Choosing a UK whiplash claims solicitor for each country of the UK

For each legal jurisdiction you should choose a specialist solicitor who is practising in the country where you suffered your road accident and check that the solicitor is registered with the appropriate Law Society

Click England / Wales whiplash claims solicitor to check a specialist lawyer is registered with the Law Society for England and Wales

Click Scottish lawyer to check that a solicitor is registered with the Law Society of Scotland

Click Northern Irish lawyer to check a solicitor is registered with the Law Society of Northern Ireland

Knowing who is the best whiplash claims lawyer to make a claim for compensation

Click whiplash claims to read my page on how to choose the best personal injury solicitor to make your road traffic accident whiplash claims