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I wish to start a whiplash injury compensation claim in Liverpool - can you tell me how to contact a solicitor?

Whiplash injury compensation claim Liverpool

whiplash injury compensation claim liverpool

A: To start your whiplash injury compensation claim in Liverpool I suggest you take the following steps:

1. Use my website's overview to the UK road traffic accident claims procedure to see if you have compensation claim

Whether you wish to start your UK whiplash injury compensation claim in Liverpool or anywhere in England and Wales the procedure is the same.  By using the link below you can see in plain English all the steps to a making a RTA - both practical and legal.

Click  road traffic accident to learn the steps to making personal injury claim following a RTA.

2. Does the person who was at fault for your whiplash injury claim live in Liverpool or else where in the country?

Even though you may start your whiplash injury compensation claim in Liverpool, as soon as your claim is started in the courts the person you are making the claim against has the right to have the claim transferred to his local court.

3. To make a whiplash injury compensation claim in Liverpool must you contact a local solicitor?

"No," you can use any solicitor in England and Wales.  Most people prefer to use a local solicitor.

Click personal injury lawyer to find out how to choose the best whiplash injury solicitor to make your claim. The page will explain how to check with the Law Society for accredited specialist solicitors anywhere in the country including Liverpool.

I would recommend that it is better to choose a top specialist road traffic accident solicitor than just a local solicitor - this way your claim will run much more smoothly and you will receive the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to.

4. Free online assistance with your whiplash injury compensation claim in Liverpool

i am happy to speak to you in person free of charge about your accident, answer any online legal questions ypu may have or have a local specialist solicitor conatct you - simply click whiplash injury compensation claim Liverpool to make use of my site's free online legal help facility.