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Grinder Accident At Work Compensation Amount Scarring: Could you give me an estimated payout for a scar caused by a work grinder machine?

Grinder accident at work compensation amount scarring: I was injured at work approximately 2 years ago which has left me with a large scar. My employer have accepted that the accident was their fault and I now need to calculate how much compensation I should be able to claim.

A:  There are several factors you must take into account when calculating how much compensation you can claim from your employer:

Grinder accident at work compensation amount scarring

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1. Read the answer I have provided to a similar grinder scarring accident

Click scarring claims solicitor to see the answer I provided for calculating the amount of compensation for a 15 cm scar on the leg from a workplace machine accident.

2. The compensation for a scar depends on where it is on your body

Compensation for scarring varies on whether the scar is considred disfiguring or not. If the scar is on the face or parts of the body that are constantly on show - more money is likely to be awarded.

3. Compensation for scarring varies between men and women

For example in 2008 severe scarring with moderate disfigurement for a male attracts compensation up to £17 500, but the same scarring for a woman is worth up £28 000.

4. The amount of compensation you can claim varies depending on your age

The younger you are the more compensation you can claim for scarring. Not only do you have to live ith disfigurement for longer, but you are more likely to be psychologicaly afected by your scarring.

5. Speak to a uk specialist accident at work solicitor

The best way to claim the correct amount of compensation is to speak to a specialist personal injury lawyer who is specialises in workplace accidents. If you decide to use an accident solicitor to make your claim - you will likely be able to fund your legal costs using a no win no fee agreement.

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