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Injury Work Claim Employer Stops Trading: Can I still claim compensation for a workplace accident if my employer has stopped trading?

Injury work claim employer stops trading: I suffered a crushing injury to my hand from a machine at work and I was thinking of making a claim for compensation, but it has just come to my attention that my employer is in financial difficulty and may be forced to stop trading.

A: "Yes," you can still claim compensation for an injury at work if your employer stops trading - at the time of your accident your employer should have had some form of worker compensation insurance which will pay your compensation claim if successful.

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You need to consider the following:

1. Be aware of what worker compensation insurance is and what it will pay if you suffer an injury at work

Click employer's worker compensation insurance to view the page I have writtem about UK worker compensation insurance and what it pays for if you have been injured at work

2. Act quickly to make your injury at work claim before your employer stops trading

It would be better for your employer to be notified before it stops trading - as your employer will automatically notify its insurer and the whole process of making your claim can be set in motion. This can be done after your employer has stopped trading, but as you can probably imagine the process is slower.

3. Contact a UK specialist accident at work solicitor to make your compensation claim

Whether your employer has ceased trading or not - it is recommended you contact a specialist UK work injury solicitor to start your claim.

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