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Personal injury Solicitor And Accident Claim Expert, Kevin Bolton, Takes You Step By Step Through All You Need To Know To Make A Compensation Claim For Personal Injury In The UK

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How Much You Can Claim

The average claim payouts for all types of personal injury to all body parts in all kinds of accident scenario. Compensation for physical injury, psychological damage – plus how to calculate your financial loss and expense.

How To Claim Compensation

Our step by step guides set out how to claim compensation for all types of personal injury – road accidents, work injury, industrial disease, medical error, slips & trips, fatal accident, child claims, criminal injury, public liability…

Expert Answers And Legal Tips

You will no doubt have a number of practical and legal questions to ask to help decide whether to claim personal injury compensation. Find answers to injury victim questions, access our accident claim expert solicitor blog.

Why Do We Provide Free Legal Help?

“I am Kevin Bolton – the founder of Kevin Bolton Solicitors.

As I child I was involved in a serious road accident, so I understand what you experience when you suffer injury in an accident, the knock to your confidence and the reluctance to approach a solicitor – who will likely confuse you with legal-jargon.

You might simply need to talk to an experienced solicitor who can explain what your options are. You don’t want to worry about being pressurised into making a claim or paying for the initial legal help you receive.

We will answer your questions – simply and quickly, free of charge – either online or over the phone.”


Newcastle Accident Solicitor: Above And Beyond With Helpful Information

Heather from Newcastle on 17.07.2023
Kevin went above and beyond with helpful information. I definitely had more clarity about the situation and felt confident moving forward.

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William HoganWilliam Hogan

Serious Car Accident: Extremely Helpful Solicitors

William Hogan from Rainham, Essex on 12.01.2023
My daughter had a serious car accident in February 2022.Her motor insurance was using their solicitors to act on behalf of my daughter.My daughter was extremely upset by the way her solicitors were acting. Not getting back to her as quickly as she felt they should be, worried ...

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Nicola HuntNicola Hunt

Bognor Regis Injury Compensation: Advice Before Accepting A Claim

Nicola Hunt from Bognor Regis, West Sussex on 25.11.2022
I contacted Kevin Bolton Solicitors via a google search in relation to a car accident that I had back in April just for some general advice before accepting a claim, Kevin was extremely helpful to me in relation to my query, giving me ...

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John WhiteJohn White

Cycle Lane Road Crossing Accident

John White from Bristol on 23.06.2023
HIGHLY recommend Kevin,Called him for some truthful advice, due to being a little frustrated with my current representative.He gave me more truthful advice and listened more than my representative has in a whole year.I wish I had found Kevin a year ago, when my accident took place.PLEASE CALL HIM.

Recommended ...

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Lindsey HickmanLindsey Hickman

Stockton On Tees Accident Claim: Quick Solicitor Callback

Lindsey Hickman from Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham on 14.07.2023
Advice given was great, feeling a lot more reassured regarding how to proceed. Contact was quick and everything explained well. Thank you very much

Accident Claim Articles For Further Reading

Accident Claim Expert Solicitor MissionSpecialist Solicitor Free CallbackPersonal Injury Claim GuidesCompensation Payouts ...

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Geoffrey WilliamsGeoffrey Williams

Holiday Accident Portugal

Geoffrey Williams from Birmingham On 30.11.2023
I contacted Kevin Bolton as my wife had recently fell in Portugal and we believe it was the fault of the local Council. Kevin was very helpful and explained I should have Legal cover within our existing travel insurance. This is indeed the case and we have subsequently put wheels in motion ...

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Nick CannonNick Cannon

European Car Accident: Calming Clear Solicitor Help

Nick Cannon from Harrogate, North Yorkshire on 02.02.2023
I spoke to Kevin earlier today about a car accident we had in France. Kevin was extremely helpful, calming and clear. As a retired lawyer myself, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kevin.

European Road Accident Articles

Motor Insurance Legal Protection CoverPackage Holiday AccidentsClaiming Road ...

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Child Accident Manchester: Solicitors' Firm With Friendly Helpful Approach

Peter from Manchester on 03.11.2023
I contacted this company to seek help in regards to my son's injury. I found them very friendly with a helpful approach from the start. I highly recommend this solicitors firm - whether it is just an advice or a more complex case to deal with.

Child ...

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C. ChristouC. Christou

Croydon Personal injury Claim Solicitors: Free Initial Consultation

C. Christou from Croydon, South London on 30.08.2023
Had a query about my solicitors dealing with my personal injury claim. They weren't being helpful and insisted on following their way of doing things even though I didn't agree with them and it was causing me a great deal of stress.I called Mr. Kevin ...

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Ex-Miner Claim: Detailed Comprehensive Information

Paula from Kent on 11.05.2023
I spoke to Kevin on behalf of my ex-miner partner. Kevin was very helpful and provided detailed and comprehensive information and advised regarding the claim processes and issues to consider.

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