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Our Expertise And Kevin Bolton’s Personal Experience

“I am Kevin Bolton – the founder of Kevin Bolton Solicitors.

As I child I was involved in a serious road accident, so I understand what you experience when you suffer injury in an accident, the knock to your confidence and the reluctance to approach a solicitor – who will likely confuse you with legal-jargon.

You might simply need to talk to an experienced solicitor who can explain what your options are. You don’t want to worry about being pressurised into making a claim or paying for the initial legal help you receive.

We will answer your questions – simply and quickly, free of charge – either online or over the phone.”

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Samuel ErinleSamuel Erinle

Spanish Injury Claim: Down To Earth Solicitor Help

Samuel Erinle from Liverpool on 29.06.20
Down to earth and very helpful - will be using again if required.

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Hampshire Compensation Claim: The Best Legal Help Website Yet

Amelia from Hampshire on 16.04.2020
Very useful information, explained simply as I struggle to understand things easily. I have found this website the best yet!

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Gary MaherGary Maher

Compensation Claim Erith: Precise Knowledgeable Solicitor

Gary Maher from Erith, South East London on 13.03.2020
I recently had an occasion to speak with Mr Bolton, regarding an on-going compensation claim. Kevin for me should have been the solicitor to use, as his help and knowledge was very helpful, and precise, for the answers I needed relating to my circumstances.To all that ...

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Road Accident Settlement Offer: Direct Answers To All My Questions

Sofie from London on 11.07.2020
Kevin gave me direct answers to all of my questions and helped me to realise, which important points I should be focusing on.  I was very impressed by his professionalism, politeness and his truly friendly manner.Thank you Kevin for your help. S 

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Colin BoydColin Boyd

Compensation Claim For My Brother: Immediate Telephone Assistance By A Solicitor

Colin Boyd from Belfast, Northern Ireland on 22.09.2020
I spoke to Kevin Bolton today on behalf of my brother, Paul. Kevin gave me the information I needed to assist my brother further in his claim. We are very grateful to Kevin. Colin Boyd

Compensation Claims Process

Work Related Accident ClaimsRoad ...

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Ernest WamburuErnest Wamburu

Car Accident Claim Settlement Calculations: Fantastic Solicitor Advice

Ernest Wamburu from Coventry on 20.04.2020
Kevin was very helpful to us. He gave us fantastic advice as we were unhappy about a claim settlement. We can honestly say that through our own unique experience and the whole car accident saga, we know where we are as a result of the conversation we ...

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Accident Claim Children: Independent Legal Help

Jill from Ashford, Kent on 17.08.2020
I had cause to seek independent legal help regarding an accident claim for my children. Not only did I find a great article on this website - I was invited to call Kevin direct and ask his opinion. He gave me extremely valuable, thorough and objective advice on how ...

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Jitin VermaJitin Verma

Asthma Compensation Reading: Solicitor With Impressive Manner & Great Professionalism

Jitin Verma from Reading on 28.04.20
I spoke to Kevin over the telephone and I was very impressed with his manner, rapport and ability to explain the nuances of my particular case which has led to clarity and much reassurance in the form of further enquiry.  Thank you for your great ...

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Hospital Negligence London: Insightful Solicitor Help

Mandana from London on 21.04.2020
Useful insight to help steer me in the right direction. Thank you.

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Osas IghoOsas Igho

Third Party Car Accident Compensation Offer Too Low: Helpful Solicitor Guidance

Osas Igho from Manchester on 26.10.2020
I contacted Kevin regarding my accident claim, because I was underpaid by the third party’s car insurance.  He gave me advice that helped me to take my decision. His advice was very helpful.Thanks Kevin

Articles That Help You Claim The Maximum Compensation

Types Of Car ...

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