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I was involved in a serious road accident when I was a child, so I understand what you experience when you suffer injury in an accident, the knock to your confidence and the reluctance to approach a solicitor who will likely confuse you with legal-jargon. You might simply need to talk to a solicitor who can explain what your options are. You don’t want to worry about being pressurised into making a claim or paying for the legal help you receive. I will answer your questions – simply and quickly free of charge either online or over the phone.

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Leon KornerLeon Korner

Car Accident Birmingham: Motor Insurance Legal Protection Cover

Leon Korner from Birmingham, West Midlands on 05.12.2018"Kevin provided me with some extremely useful advice in relation to my legal protection provider for my insurance company not pursuing my claim. His guidance has helped me to develop an approach to my response to the solicitors. Kevin took the time to advise me free ...

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Louis BarnesLouis Barnes

Injury Compensation Grays Essex: Outstanding Service

Louis Barnes from Grays, Essex, England on 04-07-2018"Called Kevin for advice on my claim. He answered in full minus the jargon and let me know what my next steps are! Polite, Effective and Confidential!Thanks!"

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Sara ASara A

RTA Slough: Helpful Patient Solicitor Advice

Sara A from Slough on 12.09.2018"Called regarding a claim brought against me in a RTA in CCMCC, Kevin was really helpful in advising me about the avenues available to me. Extremely patient in trying to understand my situation and gave me the best advice on the routes to take. Would highly recommend him and will ...

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Compensation Solicitors London: Reassuring, Knowledgeable - Amazing

James from London, England, UK on 22.08.2018"Nobody likes to be in a situation where you're not sure if you're to blame, especially knowing nothing about the ins and outs of the law. Kevin was amazing - patient and calm, he knows his stuff and is a really reassuring voice on the end of the ...

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Car Accident Claim St Albans

Louis from St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK on 11.06.2018"Kevin explained the whole process I was going through with a car accident claim in a way that was easy to understand and advised on some viable options for me to deal with the issues I am currently experiencing. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks!"

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Manchester Roundabout Accident: Exceedingly Useful Discussion

Andrew from Manchester, North West England on 02.12.2018"I was involved in an unusual accident on a large roundabout where a vehicle had stopped at traffic lights not intended for the flowing traffic. The discussion of my case with Mr Bolton was exceedingly useful and highlighted information which would assist my presentation of my ...

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Child Accident East London: One Of The Best Solicitors Out There

Ogunjimi from Poplar, East London, United Kingdom on 18.08.2018"One of the best out there Kevin, spoke to me in regards to a minor accident that I had with my children and your advice in regards to my position was spot on, with me, I have to say that I love ...

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Road Accident Dunstable: Informative Educational Reassuring Solicitor

Shereen from Dunstable, Bedfordshire on 18.09.2018"After my conversation with Mr Bolton, in hindsight, I wish I had contacted him first. He was informative, educational and reassuring.With the advice he has given, I am now confident on going forward with my claim.Thanks Mr Bolton." 

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D. PearceD. Pearce

Accident Claim Taunton: Invaluable Information

D. Pearce from Taunton, Somerset on 05.06.2018"I found Kevin Bolton to be very informative and helpful, I would certainly recommend him to anyone I know, if needed. He has helped me more than he will probably realise. I tried citizens advice first, but could not manage to speak to anyone, but I am glad now I ...

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Lynne HulmeLynne Hulme

Isle Of Man Accident Claims: Brilliant Solicitor Advice

Lynne Hulme from Stafford, UK on 08-10-2018"Kevin gave me invaluable advice as to how claims are structured and possible ways for lawyers fees to be covered. This is for a charity offering a complaints advisory service abroad. Very grateful for his willingness to freely give his extensive expertise."

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