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I was involved in a serious road accident when I was a child, so I understand what you experience when you suffer injury in an accident, the knock to your confidence and the reluctance to approach a solicitor who will likely confuse you with legal-jargon. You might simply need to talk to a solicitor who can explain what your options are. You don’t want to worry about being pressurised into making a claim or paying for the legal help you receive. I will answer your questions – simply and quickly free of charge either online or over the phone.

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Gary MaherGary Maher

Compensation Claim Erith: Precise Knowledgeable Solicitor

Gary Maher from Erith, South East London on 13.03.2020
I recently had an occasion to speak with Mr Bolton, regarding an on-going compensation claim. Kevin for me should have been the solicitor to use, as his help and knowledge was very helpful, and precise, for the answers I needed relating to my circumstances.To all that ...

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Josephine SkoylesJosephine Skoyles

Newcastle RTA Claim: Serious Injury Payout Calculation

Josephine Skoyles from Newcastle upon Tyne on 23.09.19
RTA - spoke to Kevin this morning about a claim I have ongoing - he listened and pointed me in the right direction, so helpful. Thank you.

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P AspinallP Aspinall

Profound Hearing Loss / Tinnitus Claim From Excessive Noise At Work

P Aspinall from Nottingham on 27.02.20
Kevin Bolton Solicitors have been very helpful, whilst the time scale was an issue in considering a claim against my former employer - it didn't stop them advising me and pointing me in the direction of an alternative solution.Thank you - I appreciate your ...

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Steve WoodSteve Wood

Mine Fire Injury Claim

Steve Wood from Skelton-in-Cleveland, North Yorkshire on 22.08.2019
Mr Bolton was a great help and full of useful information and advice. He is a gentlemen.

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N.D. PlumN.D. Plum

Workplace Injury Manchester: Superb Solicitor Service

N.D. Plum from Manchester on 31.10.19
I called Kevin Bolton when I was absolutely clueless about how to proceed following a workplace injury. He listened thoroughly, took the time to explain the process in depth and without hesitation or mention of a fee. I left the phone call informed and reassured. A superb service. 

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Irfan EllahiIrfan Ellahi

Head On Road Accident Collision

Irfan Ellahi from Birmingham on the 06.12.2019
I was involved in a RTA and managed to find the contact details of Kevin Bolton online.I cannot praise his genuine and sincere efforts to thoroughly help me.He was patient and very knowledgeable. He offered his advice for free and even when I offered to pay for his ...

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Son's Broken Arm: Very Helpful Solicitor With Website Full Of Information

Tanya from North Wales on 29.11.19
Broken arm of my son: Very helpful, full of information definitely contact Kevin Bolton on Facebook and google
Solicitor Response: Thank you for your feedback Tanya - as discussed you might find our following articles of assistance in determining how best to proceed ...

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Diane OdwyerDiane Odwyer

Work Injury Kent: Valuable Free Advice

Diane Odwyer from Kent on 29.08.19
I found Kevin to be really helpful and gave me valuable free advice . He kindly sent me links too that may be of help to me going forward. Kevin was really easy to talk to and really knowledgeable in his expert area of law. Thank you.

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Torn Medial Meniscus Workplace Injury Claim

John Rollings from Chorley in Lancashire on 18.11.19
I spoke to Kevin on 15/11/2019 regarding an existing claim (work place injury torn medial meniscus in left knee) I had in process with another solicitor that was not proceeding as I had hoped.Kevin listened patiently to all the issues I had and gave me open ...

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Terry McGorriganTerry McGorrigan

Personal Injury Claim Tyne And Wear: Informative & Free Of Charge

Terry McGorrigan from Washington, Tyne and Wear on 18.02.2020
AdvIce on personal injury claim - very informative and free of charge. Excellent.Would not hesitate to recommend Kevin Bolton.A satisfied Terry McGorrigan
Solicitor Response: Thank you for your feedback Terry - we are glad we could be of assistance.You may also find ...

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