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Our Expertise And Kevin Bolton’s Personal Experience

“I am Kevin Bolton – the founder of Kevin Bolton Solicitors.

As I child I was involved in a serious road accident, so I understand what you experience when you suffer injury in an accident, the knock to your confidence and the reluctance to approach a solicitor – who will likely confuse you with legal-jargon.

You might simply need to talk to an experienced solicitor who can explain what your options are. You don’t want to worry about being pressurised into making a claim or paying for the initial legal help you receive.

We will answer your questions – simply and quickly, free of charge – either online or over the phone.”

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Occupational Disease Claim London

Thomas from London on 12.04.2021
Kevin was very quick to pick up the phone and answer my query plus he gave me some valuable ideas to help me with my case.Such a good sport.

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Truck Driver Accident Claim: Professional And Thorough Advice

Garrett from Milton Keynes on 26 April 2021
I would like to thank Kevin for his professional and thorough advice I received, he put my mind at rest and allowed me to proceed in a manner to resolve the situation properly.

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Emma CroftEmma Croft

Horsebox Road Accident: Fantastic Solicitor Advice

Emma Croft from Chorley, Lancashire on 26.04.2021
Fantastic advice received from Kevin. He really knows his stuff. Confident and polite and took the time to fully understand my accident. Highly rated.Thanks again.

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Third Party Motor Insurer Wants To Deal Direct With My Personal Injury Claim

Abid from Manchester on 26.02.2021
A big Thank you to Kevin Bolton for helping me with my enquiry - gave me everything if not more than I needed. The go to guy in the future!!! 

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Care Home Accident: Genuine, Clear & Kind Solicitor

Rebecca from Cambridge on 03.06.2021
I called Kevin to see if he could assist with my friend's case as she is very anxious, when most lawyers would try to talk me into spending money with them he advised I was at the end of the process and stick with the barrister she ...

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John WaterworthJohn Waterworth

Trigger Finger Compensation: Showing Employer Liability

John Waterworth from Blyth, Northumberland on 07.01.2021
A massive thank you Kevin for your free professional advice regarding my trigger finger, greatly appreciated.

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Azad PeshderiAzad Peshderi

Dartford Accident Claim: Excellent, Knowledgeable Solicitor

Azad Peshderi from Dartford, Kent on 07.12.20
Kevin is an excellent, knowledgeable solicitor that spends time in explaining everything. He had over half an hour conversation with me regarding my son school for free and advised me to not go ahead with any action.Basically, he puts his professionalism and honesty before gaining a new client, ...

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Mohammad KarimMohammad Karim

Motorbike Injury Compensation: Solicitor Explains How To Calculate Loss

Mohammad Karim from London on 22.02.2021
The information that is being provided is very accurate. The team member I spoke to on the telephone is very friendly and has good manners.

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Amy CarpenterAmy Carpenter

No Fault Car Accident: Re-evaluating My Claim

Amy Carpenter from Essex on 18.03.2021
I wish known about Kevin when I had my no fault car accident four years ago. I spoke to Kevin recently for advice as my current solicitor is dragging his heels and was trying to get me to settle for a ridiculous amount. Kevin reassured me that I ...

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Masoud ShahnavazMasoud Shahnavaz

Third Party Compensation Offer: Hit At A Set Of Lights

Masoud Shahnavaz from Salisbury, Wiltshire on 12.01.21
I write to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Kevin Bolton Solicitors Limited for their highly professional and competent services. Kevin Bolton Solicitors Limited are thorough, fair and transparent.

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