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“I am Kevin Bolton – the founder of Kevin Bolton Solicitors.

As I child I was involved in a serious road accident, so I understand what you experience when you suffer injury in an accident, the knock to your confidence and the reluctance to approach a solicitor – who will likely confuse you with legal-jargon.

You might simply need to talk to an experienced solicitor who can explain what your options are. You don’t want to worry about being pressurised into making a claim or paying for the initial legal help you receive.

We will answer your questions – simply and quickly, free of charge – either online or over the phone.”

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Occupational Disease Claim London

Thomas from London on 12.04.2021
Kevin was very quick to pick up the phone and answer my query plus he gave me some valuable ideas to help me with my case.Such a good sport.

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Amy CarpenterAmy Carpenter

No Fault Car Accident: Re-evaluating My Claim

 I wish I had known about Kevin when I had my no fault car accident four years ago. I spoke to Kevin recently for advice as my current solicitor is dragging his heels and was trying to get me to settle for a ridiculous amount. Kevin reassured me that I was not being unreasonable ...

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Bar Injury Claim

Lorenzo from Cambridge on 06.12.2021
Recently I was a victim of a criminal injury while at a bar. Despite my accident isn't worth a claim, Kevin took the time to explain to me very clearly all the various options and also sent me a detailed email with plenty of information. Now I know exactly what to do and ...

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Care Home Accident: Genuine, Clear & Kind Solicitor

Rebecca from Cambridge on 03.06.2021
I called Kevin to see if he could assist with my friend's case as she is very anxious, when most lawyers would try to talk me into spending money with them he advised I was at the end of the process and stick with the barrister she ...

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Truck Driver Accident Claim: Professional And Thorough Advice

Garrett from Milton Keynes on 26.04.2021
I would like to thank Kevin for his professional and thorough advice I received, he put my mind at rest and allowed me to proceed in a manner to resolve the situation properly.

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Emma CroftEmma Croft

Horsebox Road Accident: Confident And Polite Fantastic Solicitor Advice

Emma Croft from Chorley, Lancashire on 26.04.2021
Fantastic advice received from Kevin. He really knows his stuff. Confident and polite and took the time to fully understand my accident. Highly rated.Thanks again. 

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Car Write-Off In An RTA: Compensation Claim For Loss Of Vehicle / Personal Injury

Abeer from London 0n 28.07.2021
I was involved in a RTA that was not my fault but resulted in my car being written off. Kevin offered honest and genuine advice for my case and helped to explain my legal rights when dealing with insurers and my policy. ...

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Answers To Legal Questions Provided Online / By Telephone Free Of Charge

I received a without prejudice offer from an insurer to fix the damage to my vehicle which was not my fault.  The legal wording used in the offer was quite daunting.  I found Kevin through Google and on calling him, he took the time to answer my questions on ...

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Miss HulmeMiss Hulme

Urgent Legal Advice

Miss Hulme from Manchester on 22.06.2021
I needed some legal advice urgently,  after googling "top three solicitors Manchester" I found Kevin and left a voicemail at 9 am... He called me back at 12 pm that same day and spent a good amount of time advising me of what to do next. It was a very serious ...

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Thorough, Fluent, Easy To Understand, Reassuring Solicitor Help

Keith from Lymington, Hampshire on 18.10.2021
Spoke directly to Kevin, despite going through a tough situation (hence enquiring) this was hands down one of the most thorough, fluent, easy to understand, and reassuring explanations to my claim I've ever have the pleasure of witnessing!He put me completely at rest and couldn't of done ...

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