Injury Compensation Solicitor UK

Injury Compensation Solicitor UK: How to find a specialist accident claim lawyer in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales

Find out how to choose a accident claim solicitor to help you make a claim for personal injury throughout all of the countries that make up the UK – including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; deciding on an injury compensation solicitor close to where you live or where the accident happened; the advantage of specialist national solicitors and how to obtain free online legal help from specialist lawyers.

How do you determine the best injury compensation solicitor to help you make your compensation claim?

There are in essence three legal jurisdictions that make up the UK: England and Wales has a unified legal system, Scotland has its own legal system as does Northern Ireland.

An accident claim is subject to the law of the land, so the country in which you have your accident will typically be the country in which you should find a solicitor to help you make your claim.

For example: an accident in Scotland will typically require a Scottish injury compensation solicitor to help you with your claim – an English solicitor is not in the correct legal jurisdiction and so does not have the requisite expertise to practise Scottish law.

Accidents in Wales – you can choose a solicitor in either England or Wales to help you with your claim as England and Wales is one legal jurisdiction.

Accidents in Northern Ireland – you should choose a Northern Irish solicitor to pursue your claim for personal injury.

Exceptions include package holiday accidents. If you suffer an accident after having booked a package holiday in your home country – you can commence the claim in your home jurisdiction using a home solicitor. So If you booked a holiday in England and suffered an injury whilst on holiday in Scotland or Wales (or any other overseas country across the globe) you can commence your claim using an English lawyer in the UK courts.

Should you choose a personal injury compensation solicitor close to where you live or to where your accident happened?

Historically local solicitors were used to pursue claims – the importance of meetings with clients and face to face contact was considered of paramount importance to both solicitor and client.

Injury Compensation Solicitor

Injury Compensation Solicitor

With the advent of the internet – things have changed. Specialist solicitors will tend to be able to deal with claims across the whole of the country of practice.

In my opinion – it is far better to have a specialist injury compensation solicitor who deals with claims throughout England & Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland than to choose a local solicitor who might not be a specialist.

Clients approach me regularly on the phone or online and this is as an effective form of contact as face to face communication.

How to choose an injury compensation solicitor in a region of a country that makes up the UK

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Free online legal assistance from specialist personal injury compensation solicitors

If you have suffered injury anywhere in the UK or whilst on holiday overseas and you would like to discuss your accident with me in person or commence a claim online with a specialist injury compensation solicitor click accident claim lawyers.