Accident Compensation Claim Solicitor Guide

Accident compensation claim solicitor summarises how to claim compensation for all types of accident

Specialist online accident compensation claim solicitor sets out in succinct articles a summary of how to claim compensation for all manner of personal injury claim with links to pages providing an in depth description of the whole claims process from start to finish.

Articles are grouped together under headings – click the article that is of interest for a summary of the claims process and articles of general interest.

Accident compensation claim process for different types of UK accident

Accident Compensation Claim Lawyers

Accident Compensation Lawyers


Road Accident

The key steps to consider when making a road traffic accident claim for compensation. Includes claiming your financial loss and legal costs.

Motor Vehicle Accident

The critical steps to decide which country’s law apply if you have a motor vehicle accident in a European Union country. Includes the advantages of claiming compensation in England and France.


Claim Compensation For Mesothelioma

The key stages to making a claim for compensation for mesothelioma when exposure to asbestos takes place overseas. Includes expert help in choosing a specialist lawyer to make your claim.

Industrial Deafness Claims

UK solicitor sets out the critical steps to knowing if you have a UK industrial deafness claim. Includes claiming when your employer is no longer in business and how long you have to make a claim.

Industrial Injury

Expert explains how to claim for the most common types of industrial injury suffered by miners, factory workers, etc. Includes why you will have longer to claim than you might first imagine.


Accidents At Work

The key steps to claiming compensation following a UK works accident.


Claim Slip Trip Fall

Specialist lawyer explains how to claim compensation following a trip slip or fall on a public highway.


Criminal Injuries

The key steps to consider when claiming criminal injury compensation in the UK.

Car Accident Whiplash Compensation

UK solicitor explains car accident whiplash compensation claims process in the UK. Includes essential records of your neck pain symptoms.

How long to claim UK compensation?

Compensation Claim

Expert explains time limits to claim compensation before it is too late in the UK. Includes road traffic accidents, work injuries, industrial injury and the importance of the date of knowledge of injuries and exceptions for injuries to children.

When to use and how to choose a specialist personal injury lawyer

Accident Claim Solicitor

Why you should use a specialist solicitor to make you compensation claim. Includes no win no fee agreements.

Personal Injury Lawyer

How to choose the best personal injury solicitor to contact to make your claim for compensation following an accident anywhere in the world.

Personal Injury Solicitor

How to know if it is cost-effective to use a specialist accident solicitor to make your compensation claim. Includes how to obtain free legal advice from an expert.

Summary Of Accident Claim Process Guides

On this page I have set out a number of articles describing the UK accident compensation claim process for various different types of accident – with a description of how long you have to claim and some general concerns of choosing a specialist solicitor.

Online Personal Injury Solicitor Help And Assistance

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