Ask A Solicitor A Question: Free answers to your personal injury questions by specialist lawyers

At Kevin Bolton Solicitors we understand that contacting a solicitor to make a claim can be an intimidating step – especially when you are feeling vulnerable having suffered a personal injury.

Ask A Personal Injury Solicitor A Question

Ask A Personal Injury Solicitor A Question

What you really want is to ask a few questions directly from an experienced personal injury solicitor to give you a feel as to whether you have a claim and what your options are.

You don’t wish to feel pressurised into making a claim and you certainly don’t want to receive a large bill for having your questions answered.

We offer a free “ask a question” service. You can ask a question online, call a solicitor direct or request a callback. We have helped many thousands of people in this way, which you can see from our accident victim testimonials.

Four ways to ask your personal injury question

1. Ask your question online

Simply complete the form at the bottom of this page with as much detail as possible. You will receive an immediate acknowledgement (with our email address for further communication) and we will return to you by email as soon as possible. It might be that we need a few more details before we can answer your question, in which case we will call you back to discuss.

If we feel the answer might benefit other accident victims with similar questions – we will include your question as a post on our site and email you a link to the detailed answer.

Please rest assured your personal details will not be included in our posts (if you do not wish your question being posted in this way – please start the description section of the form with the words NO POST).

2. Ask online with our short form

You can use our ask a question with our short contact form – remember the more detail you supply the easier it is to answer your question.

3. Request a specialist solicitor call you back

You can request a callback using our online form below starting the description section with the word CALLBACK. Please include as much information as possible, so we are ready to help when we call you back.

4. Call Kevin Bolton in person and direct on 0161-834-6776

We will usually pick up your call immediately to answer your question. On occasion we might already be helping other callers, in which case you will be asked to leave your number, so we can call you straight back.

Please complete boxes, then click SEND at the bottom of the form.

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