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Compensation Payout Calculator: Online site visitor questions answered concerning specific injuries

In this index article you will find a list of site visitor online questions concerning their accident with discussions on proving liability for their accident, with an explanation and examples of the compensation payout will be calculated for the specific injury suffered.

Knee Injury Compensation Payouts

Torn Cartilage Injury In Knee Suffered In A RTA

Plumber suffers a torn cartilage in his knee when his vehicle was hit from behind.

Shoulder Injury Compensation

Factory Worker Shoulder Subluxation

Worker hit by a large heavy box in a factory causing a shoulder subluxation / partial dislocation of his shoulder

Compensation amounts for all body parts

We have written detailed articles for compensation amounts for all body parts and all manner of injuries set out alphabetically in our compensation amounts article,

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We need to be clear that we can only give general guidance relating payouts for different types of injury as medical evidence obtained as part of your claim will be the essential evidence to help establish how much you can claim.

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