Average Claim Payouts: Amputated Index Ring Middle Fingers Work Accident

Average Claim Payouts: Amputated Index Ring Middle Fingers Work Accident

UK work accident solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for a hand crush injury at work due to defective machinery together with how much average compensation claim payouts are likely to be for amputated index, ring and middle fingers on your hand.

Work Machine Accident Victim Question

I was at work in Birmingham operating a meat processing machine when the safety cage failed and the machine continued operating crushing my left hand.

work machine finger injury

Work Machine Finger Injury

The machine is designed for safety reasons not to operate when the cage is down, but it continued to operate and my hand was drawn in before I knew what was happening and very badly crushed.

I was assisted by my colleagues when they heard me scream. They managed to turn the machine off and call an ambulance, but due to the severity of my hand injuries both my middle and index fingers had to be amputated.

Can I claim compensation from my employer for the machine safety mechanism failure and if so what is the average claim payout I can expect for amputated index and middle fingers on my left hand.

Work Accident Solicitor Response

From the facts you describe I do not think that there will be too much difficulty in establishing that your employer is liable for your hand injuries.

So long as it can be shown that an injury was sustained due to a fault with work machinery your employer will be found strictly liable for your injury. Strict liability means that you need not show negligence or fault by your employer – only that the work machine was defective and this defect lead to your hand injury.

The amount of compensation you can claim for crushed hand injuries leading to both your index and middle finger being amputated will depend largely on two types of expert medical report: an orthopaedic report (setting out your physical injuries to your hand and your disability as a result of your amputation) together with a psychological report (setting the mental impact such a traumatic event will no doubt have had).

Based upon these two reports your solicitor will be able to calculate how much average compensation claim amounts are likely to be for your amputated index and middle fingers.

As a general guide however in 2018 average claim payout amounts are for either amputated index finger and/or middle finger or ring finger is likely to be calculated between: £54,000 and £80,000

In addition you will be entitled to claim compensation for all your financial losses – including lost income (both past and potential future lost income together with any disadvantage on the labour market describing your decreased chances in finding future employment due to disability should you lose your current job in the future), medical expenses, nursing assistance (including help from family members and friends), etc.

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