Car Crash Compensation Claim: Hit And Run At Traffic Lights Whiplash Back Hand Pain

UK road traffic accident solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for injury and vehicle damage if you are involved in hit and run car crash accident.

Car crash hit and run victim question

I was travelling to Exeter in Devon and was stopped for a red light in my Ford fiesta car In Newquay in Cornwall with my wife as a passenger when another car (a Citroen Picasso) crashed into the back of my car at quite a strong force.

The driver did not stop to leave his details, but reversed and fled the scene. My wife managed to get the registration number as did a witness, who notified the police of the car crash.

Both the police and ambulance arrived and we were taken to a hospital in Plymouth.

I was diagnosed with whiplash to the neck and shoulder and a broken right hand from the impact with the steering wheel.

My wife was diagnosed with whiplash and injuries to her lumbar spine.

Can we make a car crash claim for compensation despite the fact that the driver who was responsible leaving the scene of the accident?

Car crash compensation claim solicitor response

“Yes” – you can claim compensation for the car crash despite the fact that the driver fled the scene in a hit and run. You have the registration number and ut is quite likely that the driver has already been located by the police.

If the driver was insured – his motor insurer will meet your claim for compensation.

If the driver did not have motor insurance or could not be found you would still be entitled to claim compensation from a body known as the Motor Insurers Bureau or MIB.

Your are entitled to claim compensation for your vehicle damage and other costs you have incurred together with pain and suffering for all the injuries both you and your wife sustained including: whiplash to the shoulder and neck, broken right hand and lower back injury.

Compensation calculator for whiplash and spinal injuries

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How to commence your car crash claim

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