Car Passenger Injury Claims: UK Compensation In Road Traffic Accidents

Do car passengers involved in a road traffic accident have an automatic right to receive compensation for an injury?

If you were a passenger in a car or another vehicle when a collision occurred you do not have an automatic right for compensation in the UK as you must first show that someone was at fault for the accident.

Although there is no automatic right to receive compensation, the majority of passenger injury claims are successful as an accident will invariable of been caused by a driving error of some form from one of the vehicles involved in the accident.

Unless the passenger in some way contributed or caused the accident – for example by grabbing the wheel of the car, it is very likely a car passenger injury claim will be proved and compensation recovered.

There is no automatic right to claim compensation following a road traffic accident in the UK as the Claimant must show that either the driver of the vehicle or another individual was responsible for the RTA which lead to However, passengers in vehicles whether it be a car, bus or other vehicle form a class of individuals who are likely to be