Car Shunted Into Vehicle In Front: Whiplash Claim Settlement Amount?

UK road traffic accident solicitor sets out how to determine the amount of compensation you can claim if you are hit from behind by a car pushing your vehicle into the car in front causing whiplash injuries requiring physiotherapy

Car accident victim question

I was stopped in queue of traffic at a set of traffic lights close to Bognor Regis – having driven to Bognor from London when my car was hit from behind.

The force of the car hitting me shunted my car into the vehicle in front. My car was written off.

The police attended and an ambulance was called. The driver who hit me was found to be drunk.

At hospital I was diagnosed with whiplash to my neck and shoulders.

This occurred 1 month ago and I am still attending physiotherapy for my whiplash. I have been offered a sum of money for my compensation. I do not feel that this is adequate and was wondering if you could advise?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

If you have a solicitor already acting you should be properly advised about the amount of compensation you are entitled to claim. This should be based on medical evidence from an independent medical expert properly instructed by your solicitor.

If you do not have a solicitor acting – it is essential that you use a specialist RTA lawyer to make your claim. A solicitor will compile all the evidence necessary to obtain the maximum amount of compensation on your behalf.

This will include medical evidence with an accurate prognosis, setting out any problems you might have from your whiplash into the future will be detailed and if necessary a scan of your neck will be made to ensure that you have not cracked any vertebrae.

In addition – you solicitor will obtain evidence to support any financial losses you have incurred, which might include lost income, medical expenses, help in the home and of course the value of your vehicle.

I note that your accident occurred only one month ago and as such I believe it is a little too early to settle your claim, especially if you are having significant ongoing symptoms of whiplash requiring physiotherapy. This is because it is difficult for a medical expert to give an accurate prognosis, so soon after an accident.

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