Claim Compensation: Nissan Micra Car Crash With Articulated Lorry Causing Death

Find out how to claim compensation if a loved one has been involved in a car crash causing death in the UK

Spouse of fatal car accident victim question

A year ago – my husband was driving his Nissan Micra in the inside lane of a bypass in Hampshire heading towards London. The weather conditions that day was wet and blustery. An articulated lorry was overtaking in the outside lane and lost control in the wind swerving into my husband’s car knocking it off the road and crushing it.

The police and ambulance attended at the scene and my husband was pronounced dead. We have two young children and am a housewife so we were all dependent on my husband’s income.

Is there anything we can do to claim compensation following this tragic accident?

Fatal Accident road traffic accident solicitor response

From the description you have provided it seems clear that liability for the accident rests with the articulated lorry driver or his employer – suitable motor vehicle insurance will no doubt be in place to meet liabilities for injuries and losses to third parties. Even if insurance was not in place the Motor Insurers Bureau will step in to meet the liability of a claim.

You and your children will be entitled to claim compensation for a number of heads of damage:

1. Funeral expenses

2. Bereavement loss – the pain for the loss of a loved one (currently around £12 000)

3. Loss of dependency – based upon your husband’s income a sum can be complained to compensate you for the loss of your husband’s financial contribution to the household.

4. Vehicle damage and other losses – your husband’s estate will be entitled to claim for these losses

Fatal road accident compensation claim process

Should you wish to see the whole process for claiming compensation for injuries and death with a specialist RTA solicitor from start to finish click road traffic accident claim