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Claim Hearing Loss Compensation: Foundry Stamping Machine Metal Press Noise

Find out how noise in a foundry such as metal stamping machine or press machine can cause hearing loss and a permanent ringing in the ears known as tinnitus and lead to workers claiming compensation

Industrial deafness at work victim question

I worked in a foundry first in Leeds and later in Sheffield for approximately 20 years and I have noticed that my hearing has started to deteriorate and I have a permanent ringing in my ears which is most prominent at night.

I was a machine operator for a metal press machine and a stamping machine. The noise levels from these machines was constant with the stamping machine making periodic explosive sounds.

I was not provided with any form of hearing protection and have noticed over the last couple of years that my hearing has gradually deteriorated first starting with my wife and children complaining that I was turning the TV up too loud and that I would miss the telephone ringing or a knock at the door.

Last week I went to my GP and was sent for a hearing test and I have been told that my audiogram shows that I am suffering from noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

The company I worked for in the past is no longer in business so I wonder if it is still possible to make a claim?

Noise induced hearing loss solicitor response

It seems form your description that you were exposed to continuous excessive noise from the foundry stamping and press machine without proper hearing protection nor I suspect an adequate warning about the dangers to your hearing from continuous loud noise.

It seems therefore that your foundry employer in both Leeds and Sheffield was negligent and as such legally responsible for your injuries.

You have indicated that your first symptoms started a couple of years and you have only recently been diagnosed with industrial deafness or noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus. There are three years from the date of knowledge of your injury to start a claim and it therefore seems that you are in time to make a claim.

The fact that your employer in Leeds and Sheffield is no longer in business is not a problem as the employment insurers can be traced that was in place at the time of your exposure and as such a claim can be lodged with that insurance company meeting your former employer’s liability.

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