Dual Carriageway Car Crash Claim: Neck Whiplash Back Broken Finger Injury

UK road traffic accident solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for car accidents on dual carriageways with an explanation as to how to calculate the amount of compensation you can recover for injuries using examples of whiplash neck injuries, lower back pain and a fractured finger

Car accident victim question

An Audi estate car drove into the rear of my Renault Megane whilst I was in a queue on a downward hill on a dual carriageway in Barnet in North London. I was travelling to work in Enfield.

My car was thrown forward hitting the car in front of me in the queue.

The Audi driver accepted full responsibility explaining he was distracted on his mobile phone.

The police and ambulance attended.

I was taken to hospital and diagnosed with whiplash to my neck and shoulder, lower back pain and a broken little finger on my left hand.

X-rays were taken, but thankfully there were no broken bones in my spine only a broken little finger.

I am dealing with the Audi driver’s insurance company direct who are paying for my physiotherapy for my neck and back. The car accident was a month ago.

How much compensation should the insurance company offer me for my injuries. I have never made any claim before.

Road traffic accident solicitor response

The amount of compensation you can recover for pain and suffering is calculated after a medical report from an independent expert has been obtained.

Given that you have suffered whiplash neck injuries, lower back pain and a broken little finger – the most appropriate medical expert would be an orthopaedic surgeon

If you rely on the Audi driver’s motor insurance company to obtain this report – you risk bias in favour of the Defendant and a valuation at a lower level being made.

The expert should be instructed by a solicitor acting on your behalf.

The expert should set out the severity of the whiplash, lower back and fractured finger, as well as how long future symptoms (whether continuous or intermittent) could last.

In addition the medical expert should explore any psychological reaction to the car accident – and recommend a further report if necessary by a clinical psychologist.

In addition to pain and suffering for your injuries – you are entitled to all costs and expenses incurred as a direct result of the accident. This will include: lost income, medical expenses, assistance in the home, travel expenses, etc.

The Audi driver’s motor insurer will also have to pay your legal costs of using a solicitor.

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