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Motorcycle Motorway Accident Claim: Shattered Heel Dislocated Shoulder PTSD

UK motorbike accident solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for a serious motorcycle accident on a motorway in the UK

Motorcycle motorway accident victim question

I was riding my bike on the M25 where the speed limit is 55 mph. I was in the second lane when a driver to my left pulled out all of a sudden without indicating such that I didn’t have time to manoeuvre my vehicle out of the way. I attempted to brake, but it was too late to avoid a collision. I was thrown off my motorcycle and I skidded along the tarmac with my bike next to me causing serious injury.

motorcycle motorway accident

Motorcycle Motorway Accident

A lane of the motorway was closed for a period, an ambulance was called and the police attended at the scene.

The car driver accepted liability for the accident and at hospital I was diagnosed with a shattered calcaneus – which I understand is one of the bones in the heel. The bone was so badly damaged that I had to have an operation to fuse the damaged calcaneus. I also suffered a dislocated right shoulder, concessional head injuries and I am left with significant mental scares, which I understand is chronic post traumatic stress disorder.

I would like to claim compensation for all of my injuries; the fact that I am unable to work (I might not ever be able to work in the same job – I was a builder); the damage to my motor bike and all of my other expenses and losses. I would like to know how to make a claim for such a serious life changing motorcycle accident?

Motorcycle accident solicitor response

You have been clear that liability has been accepted by the car driver, so the critical issue in your claim will be ensuring that you receive the correct amount of compensation for all of your injures.

As your injuries are severe so a large amount of expert evidence will be necessary, which will likely include an orthopaedic consultant report, psychologist report, rehabilitation expert report, accountant report and perhaps several other experts. Acquiring this evidence will be extremely complex and require the need of a specialised high quantum (large value claim) motorcycle accident solicitor.

By choosing a specialist road traffic accident solicitor who has experience with high value compensation claims – you will ensure that not only will you receive the correct amount of compensation, but all of your injuries will be properly explored.

A serious motorcycle accident claim can take several years to conclude so a specialist serious injury motor bike accident solicitor will know how to obtain an interim payment until your claim comes to conclusion.

Online Motorcycle Solicitor Help

Should you wish to speak to me in person about your claim or to start your claim online with a specialist motorcycle accident solicitor with experience with severe injury claims including shattered calcaneus, dislocated shoulder, concussion head injuries and chronic post traumatic stress disorder click motor bike accident solicitor.