Noise At Work: When Can You Claim Compensation?

Noise At Work Industrial Deafness Claims

If you suffer noise induced hearing loss from exposure to excessive noise in the workplace – it is possible you will be entitled to claim compensation from your employer.

You should contact a specialist industrial deafness solicitor who will determine if you are still within time to make a claim.

noise at work compensation

Noise At Work Compensation

Your solicitor will instruct an audiologist to give you a hearing test and produce an audiogram (the results of your hearing test plotted out onto a graph). To verify your hearing loss is related to noise exposure – a further medical expert (typically and ENT) will examine the audiogram to see if the shape of the audiogram is such to support hearing loss from excessive noise exposure at work.

Your solicitor must also prove that the noise levels were above the safe levels as set out by government requirements in health and safety laws applicable at the time of your noise exposure.