Talus Fracture Ankle Fusion Work Accident Claim: Fall In A factory In Wigan

UK work accident solicitor sets out how to claim compensation if you have suffered injury at work including a broken talus bone requiring a fusion operation after a fall in a factory in Wigan.

Factory worker accident victim question

I was at work in a factory as a labourer and machine operator in a factory Wigan in Lancashire. I was carrying a heavy box and I walked over a hole covered by plywood. The plywood gave way and I dropped about a foot and my full weight fell onto my twisted ankle.

I was assisted by a colleague, an entry was made in the accident book and an ambulance called. I was x-rayed at hospital and diagnosed with a comminuted fracture of the talus bone in my ankle.

I have been told that this broken talus bone fracture might not heal correctly and could lead to the early onset of osteoarthritis and could require a fusion of the talus and fibula. I currently walk heavily, have been off work for 6 months and I have to use crutches.

Can I make a claim against my employer and if so, should I wait to see if arthritis sets in before commencing my claim for compensation?

Work accident solicitor response

I believe you would have a strong claim against your employer for failing to provide a safe work environment.

In my opinion – it is best to commence a claim immediately. As part of that claim, and several months into the process, a medical report will be obtained from an independent orthopaedic expert – which will set out your injuries and the likelihood of osteoartritis and a fusion operation. The medical expert could also suggest a further report after a time period to assess if such an operation was necessary.

The point being that all of your injuries, both present and into the future, will be compensated for whether you commence your claim now or at a later stage.

You would be able to claim for your pain and suffering for your com-minuted fracture, osteoarthritis and fusion operation.

A fusion operation is quite a serious one as it involves shaving the talus and fibula bones to promote them growing, or fusing together. This will lead to a permanent impairment in the use of your ankle and could affect your ability to work or find future employment should you lose your current job.

You would therefore have a claim, in addition to pain and suffering, for financial losses including lost income both in the past and the risk in the future even if you are able to return to work. This is known as a disadvantage on the open labour market.

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