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Uninsured Drunk Car Driver Accident With Bike: Claim Compensation Fractures Concussion Scarring

How you can claim compensation money for injuries in a cycle accident on the UK roads with a drunk driver who has no motor insurance, includes fracture injuries to the leg, arm – head injuries, scarring, tongue injury and post traumatic stress.

Chester cycle accident victim question

My husband was cycling along a one way street in Chester on his bicycle in the evening – he had lights on and reflective gear. He was hit by a drunk driver coming down the one street the wrong way.

He was in hospital for one month having suffered a serious fracture to the tibia and fibula in his left leg, a fractured radius in his right arm, head injuries and a deep bite in his tongue. Since the accident he has withdrawn a lot from his family and friends and at night relives the accident events.

Our sex life is now non-existent.

The drunk driver is being prosecuted by the police for driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, dangerous driving and driving without insurance.

Can my husband claim compensation for all his injuries from the drunk driver despite the fact that he did not have a policy of motor insurance?

Bicycle accident solicitor response

From the facts as you have presented it seems clear the drunk driver was at fault for causing the accident – this is borne out by the fact that the police are prosecuting him.

The fact that the drunk driver is not insured will not prevent a claim as the Motor Insurers Bureau, known by the acronym MIB, will act as though it was the insurer of the driver to meet your compensation claim so long as the uninsured driver is at fault.

Your husband has suffered many serious injuries including fractures to his left leg and right arm, head injuries and tongue injuries. In addition – his psychological symptoms could be an indication of post traumatic stress disorder. This is a severe psychological response to a traumatic event.

A specialist solicitor will need an independent medical report from various different experts including: an orthopaedic expert who can describe the fractures to the tibia, fibula and right arm (if there was any bony damage to the skull this could also be detailed); a neurosurgeon for a description of the head injuries including any brain damage and concessional symptoms; a ENT for a description of the injuries to the tongue; possible a plastic surgeon if there are any scarring injuries and a clinical psychologist for a description of the PTSD or similar condition.

Based upon all this medical evidence your claim will be quantified for the amount of compensation all of the various injuries can attract, including any financial losses such as lost income and medical expenses.

Uninsured driver with bicycle road accident compensation amounts

To see examples of the amount of compensation your can claim for all the various injuries click on the body type as follows: leg injury compensation, arm injury claim, head injury amounts, scarring compensation claim, PTSD claim.

Claim Against A Drunk Driver Using A Solicitor

Should you wish to make a claim against the drunk driver and in turn the MIB – you will need the help of a specialist road traffic accident solicitor.

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