Industrial Disease Compensation Solicitor Blog

Industrial disease (also known as occupational injury) relates to workers’ claims for conditions developed from exposure to hazardous work environments overĀ long time periods

Such claims usually involve a number of different past employers (who may no longer be in business) with symptoms appearing many years after having finished the hazardous work.

Typical types of industrial disease, include lung related conditions from dust exposure, hearing damage claims and vibration related conditions. The criteria a solicitor relies on for making a claim for each disease is assessed in different ways.

In this blog – you will find helpful tips in making a claim and answers to typical questions asked by site visitors affected by industrial injury.

TIP OurĀ industrial injury claims process guides set out the step by step process to making the most common types of occupational injury claims.

United Utilities Water Plant Worker Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claim

Noise induced hearing loss solicitor sets out how to claim compensation if you have worked for United Utilities in water plants exposed to excessive noise from machinery such as emergency diesel generators, pneumatic drills, pumping station machinery and chlorination plant machinery Industrial Deafness Victim Question I worked in the water industry for 10 years in […]

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Silicosis Pneumoconiosis Asbestosis Claim: Tunnel Worker Industrial Compensation

Tunnel Worker Industrial Lung Disease

UK industrial disease solicitor explains the dangers of contracting industrial lung disease from working underground in the tunnel industry including siliciosis, pneumoconiosis and asbestosis together with how to claim compensation even if former employers are no longer trading Tunnel worker lung disease victim question I have worked underground building various tunnels for most of my […]

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Noise At Work: When Can You Claim Compensation?

Noise At Work Industrial Deafness Claims If you suffer noise induced hearing loss from exposure to excessive noise in the workplace – it is possible you will be entitled to claim compensation from your employer. You should contact a specialist industrial deafness solicitor who will determine if you are still within time to make a […]

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Nitroglycerin Headaches Compensation Claim: Miners Work Injury NG Head

How to claim compensation for the effects of exposure to nitroglycerin at work Nitroglycerin is an ingredient used in explosives in many industries and work places including: miners, demolition industry, construction industry. If you are in contact with nitroglycerin at work some side effects you might experience include: extreme headaches, loss of sexual desire and […]

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Mining Dynamite Explosion Claim: Arm Leg Hearing Damage Compensation

Miners hearing loss from explosions

UK industrial accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation if you work in the mining industry and you are injured by a dynamite explosion Industrial accident victim question I worked in the mining industry in England and Scotland and approximately two years ago a worker who was responsible for setting off dynamite explosions in the […]

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