Compensation Amounts For Bodily Injury, Psychological Damage, Fatal Accident And Work Disease

Find out how to calculate the average compensation amounts you can claim for injury to different parts of your body plus psychological injury payouts.

Using our average compensation payouts calculator you can see an alphabetical list of all body parts, with a link to all our articles explaining average payout calculations for various different injuries to each body part.

Alternatively, look at the body part images below (with a brief description of the article next to the image) and click on the image or link to find out how much compensation you can claim.

Look out – psychological injury can be as debilitating as physical injury and will often go hand in hand with more serious types of physical injury. Our articles cover various different types of psychological injury and how much your compensation payout for each is likely to be.

Calculations for the value of compensation payments for financial loss and expense – including loss of income.

In addition to a claim for the pain and suffering for injury – you can claim for other financial losses and expenses. Quite often the largest of these losses will be lost wages.

Be aware – financial losses can be both past losses and future losses. Our articles explain how your solicitor can calculate all your financial loss and expense.

Average Claim Payouts: Online Q&A and FAQ

In this section we answer site visitor questions – setting out compensation payouts for specific injuries suffered.

We set our the evidence your solicitor must obtain to ensure the correct amount of compensation is recovered.

We explain how overall compensation values are calculated – adding the different elements of financial loss and expense to compensation for pain and suffering (for physical & psychological injury).

See our compensation payout questions index to see a summary of all average claim payout questions grouped under convenient headings.

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