Compensation amounts payout calculations for bodily injury, psychological damage, fatal accident and work disease

UK personal injury lawyer sets out how to calculate the compensation amounts you can claim for injury to different parts of your body – click average compensation payouts calculator to see an alphabetical list of body parts with a link to all our articles explaining average payout calculations.

Alternatively, look at the body part images below (with a brief description of the article next to the image) and click on the image or link to find out how much compensation you can claim.

Calculations for the value of compensation payments for lost salary and financial expenses

In addition to a claim for the pain and suffering for injury you can claim for other financial losses.

To see how to claim for past and future lost income click salary compensation payment values.

To see the typed of financial loss and expense you can claim with a description of the compensation amounts value is calculated click claim calculator UK.

Hand Arm Vibration Claim

hand arm vibration claim

Hand Arm Vibration Claim (HAVS): Solicitor Sets Out Compensation Amounts For HAVS, Vibration White Finger, Raynaud’s Syndrome, Whole Body Vibration Syndrome Hand arm vibration claim lawyer describes the conditions caused by vibrating power tools including: HAVS, Vibration White Finger. Raynaud’s syndrome, Whole Body Vibration Syndrome, what the three types of compensation you can claim for […]

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