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Achilles Tendon Claim Payouts: Compensation Calculator For Different Types Of Achilles Injury

Find out what an Achilles tendon claim is, how your solicitor determines the amount of compensation to claim for pain and suffering and financial losses with examples of average claim payouts for different degrees of injury, a table of payout amounts and access to specialist solicitor free help.

Payout Table For Achilles Tendon Injury In 2024

Our payout table for Achilles tendon injury claims – provides details of compensation settlements you can expect for pain and suffering for minor to most severe Achilles damage.

Additional Compensation
In addition – you can claim compensation for financial loss and expense that you may experience as a result of your Achilles tendon injury.
Ankle instability
£7,300 – £12,600
Partial tendon rupture
£12,600 – £21,100
Division of tendon
£25,000 – £30,000
Most Severe
Complete severance of tendon
£30,000 – £38,500

What is an Achilles tendon claim?

The Achilles tendon attaches the calf muscle in the lower leg to the heel bone. It passes at the back of your ankle. If this tendon is strained or ripped it can cause immense pain.

Should you suffer an injury to your ankle as a result of the legal fault, or negligence, of another you could be entitled to make an Achilles tendon claim.

In Other Words
You could be entitled to claim compensation for pain and suffering for your Achilles tendon ankle injury and for financial losses (such as lost income, medical expenses, etc.).

How does a solicitor calculate the amount of compensation your claim is worth?

There are two main types of compensation for any personal injury claim – pain and suffering for the injury itself and the financial losses as a direct result of your injury (this might include lost income, medical expenses, travel costs, etc.).

Pain and suffering for an Achilles tendon claim must be described by an independent medical expert in a report written for the court. Your solicitor will instruct such a medical expert. The expert will view your GP and hospital notes; examine you and provide a formal description of the actual Achilles injury you have suffered.

The medical report will include the severity of symptoms you have experienced up to the time of the examination and provide a prognosis as to your future recovery, symptoms and disability.

Based upon this report – your solicitor can compare similar Achilles tendon injuries to those determined by the courts in previous personal injury claims and so decide how much your pain and suffering claim is worth.

Financial losses can vary widely depending on the individual’s specific circumstances.

achilles tendon work injury claim
Achilles Tendon Work Injury Claim
Injury At Work Example
For example – consider an injury at work causing absence from work and lost income.
Imagine you had a job which paid £2,000 net a month and you were off work for 3 months. You could claim £6,000.
Whereas, if you earned £1,000 net a month and were off work for 2 months. Your financial loss claim would be only £3,000.

Examples of compensation amounts for different Achilles tendon claims

Below are some examples of how much compensation you can claim for varying levels of Achilles tendon claims in 2024:

Minor Achilles injury settlements

In the most minor of accidents – you might turn your ankle leading to damage to the tendon. Your ankle support may be affected and a feeling of being unsure with your footing.

The amount of compensation your average payout is likely to be worth between £7,300 – £12,600

Moderate Achilles injury payouts

Some accidents can cause the Achilles tendon to partially rupture, but such an injury can be repaired in an operation. The average compensation payout you can achieve will depend on the level of treatment, the extent of recovery and any ongoing problems.

The likely compensation range for a partial rupture will be between £12,600 – £21,100.

Serious Achilles tendon claim calculator

The most serious of Achilles tendon injuries vary. You may have a complete division of the tendon, suffer significant weakness in your ankle despite surgical intervention leaving you with a limp and scarring.

This will give rise to a settlement in the region of £25,000 – £30,000.

Most significant Achilles tendon injury

In the most significant type of injury – you might suffer a complete severance of the tendon from the calf muscle in your leg. Symptoms may include cramp, limited ankle movement, swelling and inevitable inability to participate in certain sports.

Your compensation payout for pain and suffering and loss of amenity would calculated between £30,000 – £38,500.

Specialist solicitor free online and telephone help

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