Ankle Sprain Claim

Ankle Sprain Claim: UK solicitor sets out the different types of ligament injury sprains you can suffer in your ankle with examples of compensation amounts for each grade of strain

Ankle sprain claim solicitors set out the three different grades of sprain you can suffer; when you can make a compensation claim; see examples of compensation amounts you can expect for each type of sprain; how to go about claiming compensation and how to get help from a specialist solicitor free of charge.

What is an ankle sprain claim?

An ankle sprain claim is a compensation claim for injury to various different ligaments in your ankle. The injury can be a strain, a tear or a complete rip.

Ankle sprains are most often caused by a sudden sideways movement of your ankle and can lead to reduced mobility, instability and a susceptibility to further strains.

Sprains are categorised into three main types – Grade 1 to Grade 3.

Ankle Strain Claim Sprain Ligament Damage

Ankle Strain Claim

1. Grade 1 sprain

A Grade 1 sprain results from the mildest type of ankle sprain you can suffer. One or more of the ligaments in your ankle are damaged in a minor way. If you have suffered a Grade 1 ankle strain typically you will have no instability in your ankle following initial recovery.

2. Grade 2 ankle sprain

A Grade 2 ankle sprain is more serious than a Grade 1 sprain – it involves a minor tear to one or more or your ankle ligaments. A Grade 2 ankle sprain claim is caused when your ankle ligament is stretched significantly causing the ligament to become loose and result in slight instability in your ankle after the initial recovery period.

3. Grade 3 sprain claim

A Grade 3 ankle sprain claim is the worst type of ankle strain injury resulting in a complete tear of one or more ligaments in your ankle. Typically such a sprain will cause bruising around your ankle and can lead to marked instability in the ankle.

When can you make an ankle sprain claim?

If your injury was caused as a result of someone’s negligence or legal fault you will be entitled to make a ankle sprain claim for compensation.

For example – if you slip on a wet surface at work your employer might be considered responsible; if you twist your ankle due to a poorly maintained public highway the council or highways authority could be at fault.

How much are average compensation payouts for ankle sprains?

The amount of compensation you can claim for an ankle sprain will depend upon the severity of the sprain.

Some examples of compensation amounts in 2019 for ankle sprain claims include:

1. Ankle sprain with complete recovery average payouts

If your sprained ankle is a Grade 1 and leads to a full recovery within a year, with no instability and no risk of future injuries the amount you can claim is: up to £4,800

2. Incomplete recovery of your ankle injury settlements

If your ankle tear is more serious – a Grade 2 or Grade 3 injury which leads to some on-going discomfort and pain and a slight instability in your ankle, average compensation payouts would likely be in the range of money amounts between: £4,800 – £12,000

3. Significant disability

If your ankle sprain or strain is a Grade 3 and causes permanent on-going significant pain and disability making it difficult to climb stairs, walk on uneven ground or limitations in being able to walk generally – your ankle sprain claim is likely to be worth in the figure of: £12,000 – £44,000

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What should you do to claim compensation for an ankle sprain?

Even if liability is accepted by the person at fault, you will need the assistance of a specialist solicitor to make an ankle sprain claim and ensure you recover the correct amount of compensation.

Your solicitor will instruct an independent medical expert to complete a report describing your injury and the likely consequences of your injury in the future. A careful interpretation of the medical report is necessary to determine the amount of compensation you can claim for a sprain as average payouts can vary widely.

The issue of the type of sprain and future possible instability is critical to determine the correct compensation amount.

How to receive specialist solicitor help free of charge with your ankle sprain claim

To discuss your accident with a specialist solicitor, determine how to calculate the compensation payout for your ankle sprain claim or commence a claim, click ankle injury claim solicitor to access Kevin Bolton Solicitors online legal help or arrange a free specialist personal injury solicitor call back.